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See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerjust completed a mud run in 1:09:29(1 comments)See this image largerKeep your shoulders up!(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerDay three of being the Dragon Warrior. Three days closer to my goals.See this image largerFlex Friday!(1 comments)See this image largerYesterday was flex Friday. But, I just stood on the scale & I m down 4 lbs!See this image largerIs the mother of a hula hoop champion!See this image larger120 min of strength training class. 15 min of zumba, 40 min of bike, 20 min of treadmill, & 10 min of stair climber.See this image largerSitting around after my workout.See this image largerMy daughter uses machines I've walked by for three years. LolSee this image largerHanging @ the beach.See this image largerHome from the fair.See this image largerTiger is pouting because I won't throw her toy just one more time.See this image largerThe struggle is real. Iwanted to sleep in, but I went to the gym. However, my butt was dragging the whole time I was there. Then when I took my shoe sock was mangled!See this image largerThree years ago today, I completed my first color run.See this image largerSee this image largerAfter the Terrian Race in Las Vegas! See this image largerThe Terrain race has some BIG obstacles!See this image larger45 minutes of Tighten & Tone. 60 minutes of stationary bike. 20 minutes of elliptical. 5 minutes of stair stepper.See this image largerHappy Veterans Day! The Waltons took a hike to a flag to celebrate. On the way down we found the path. On the way up, well we zigzaged & played "Fellowship of the Ring" over boulders.See this image larger45 minutes of spin, 40 on the elliptical, & an hour of Zumba.See this image largerThirty minutes of spin class. Forty-five minutes of tighten & tone class. And ten minutes on the elliptical.See this image larger60 minutes of stationary bike, 45 of upper cut (circuit training), and 45 minutes of zumba. So why do I feel like a potato.See this image largerSee this image largerStarting the year off on a roll. One hour on the stationary bike. An hour on three different ellipticals, 20 min each. And five minutes on the stair stepper. 140 by next year!See this image largerNew haircut, still not sure if I like itSee this image largerHaven't seen the gym since Wednesday. But, completed the 2018 Vegas terrain run over the weekend.See this image largerI was in Vegas over the weekend completing a Terrain Race with two of my kids. I'm so proud of my son, and I know he is proud of himself. My daughter, hates working out. So, it was a challenge for her, but I was so proud of how hard side worked when my son needed support.See this image larger2018 Terrain Race - DONE!See this image largerThe family posing after the Terrain Race Vegas - 2018See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerStar-lord... baby!See this image largerThe family and I at Trunk-or-TreatSee this image largerMy favorite Zumba instructor had a Halloween party today. 💀🧟‍♀️🧙‍♀️👻 I sweat this all off shortly after this photo was taken. 😜See this image largerOnly did a 45 minute Zumba class today. But, it was a Halloween theme, so I swear my makeup off. 💀🧟‍♀️🧙‍♀️👻See this image largerI've only lost ten pounds, but I've been feeling like it shows. Just look how cute I am at the Zumba Halloween party. Well, I stood on the scale shortly after this picture was taken... I'm a pound up! Better lay off the banana laughy taffy the rest of this spooky season. 👻See this image largerWarming up for spin on this Happy Halloween! 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMet my weight loss goal for January. I am at 171, the goal was 175. I am disappointed though. I was actually down to 169. But, I couldn't curb my appetite for unhealthy food habits. Oh well, goal met and that's what matters.See this image largerSee this image largerGoing back to spin today after I don't know how long. Pray for me. 😉See this image largerHappy National Sibling Day! If you have all your siblings. Be grateful. If you've lost a sibling...or two. Cherish their memory, and make sure your remaining siblings know they are loved.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerBack at the gym again today. Just a quick circuit class with my favorite instructor. So, much work till I get back on track again...after three months of ice cream and Dr. Pepper.See this image largerThe bane to my healthy lifestyle. I corkys live at the gym. Unfortunately, I have to go home...and then I eat unhealthy.See this image largerRemember, it is not just strength training and cardio. The most important aspect is how you fuel your body. 😉See this image largerNo, that was not an earthquake California. I just went to zumba after being away from the gym and eating junk for months. 🤣😉 Went back to gym, and it felt great to be there. However, my wonder woman outfit was snug... I was big chungous wonder woman today! But, loved getting my groove on, and walking my treadmill.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSee this image largerOff to walk the Swap Meet. Hope I remember to set my Fitbit, or at least walk fast enough for it to realize I'm moving and set itself. 😁See this image largerI rent a locker at the gym. Inside on the door I have a picture of Wonder Woman, a motivational quote, and a picture of Jesus Christ. The motivational quote is about ditching the diets and adopting a healthy life style. The photo of wonder woman, is there to inspire me. The picture of Jesus, to remind me to be Christ like out there in the gym. That even if my body tires, Jesus loves me just how I am. But, also to remember that all things, even weight loss, is possible through our Lord.See this image largerHad a protein shake for breakfast. I made it to the gym, did spin, circuit training, and walked the treadmill. By 11am, I had already met my 8,000 steps. Made a grilled cheese & avocado sandwich for lunch...800 calorie! Are you serious...over food budget now. Ok, the Dr Pepper is what really pushed me over the edge. 😂See this image largerI love the beach! I love getting in the water and just letting the waves push me around. I love the taste of the water...well, the small taste you get as you swim, not the big gulps that happen by accident. 😂 I even like the crispy way my hair feels when it dries with the salty sea still in it. The sand... I could take it or leave it. 😉See this image largerThis weeks gym routine was non-existent. Dealing with water heater repair on Monday & Tuesday. And then today, I blew the gym off to go to the beach. Well, at least I'm where I'm the happiest.See this image largerMy son reminding me of the time I accidentally, got a tiny, fragment of sriracha sauce in his eye. 🙄 BTW, that is a flower petal from the filter that was still on...not food in the boys mouth. 😁See this image largerOk, I can't get a good picture. But today, my son gave me a black eye. I guess if I'm going to keep playing racquetball with him. I better invest in some protective eye wear.See this image largerI have had a grand total of 2hrs & 55min of sleep. I am going on day 12 with painful plugged ears. I took a handful of meds this morning, and for those who do not know me. I HATE swallowing pills. If the pill touches my mouth on the way down, I retch! Yet, after being away from the gym for weeks. I walked the treadmill, and then did a upper body circuit class...cause I am not dead yet. But, during the circuit class; I had to stop doing the cardio. My lips were turning blue!!!!See this image largerIt has been a rough couple of weeks. I've been sick, had a sore throat, stuffed ears... and then I somehow scratched the cornea of my right eye! I went to urgent care three times! Well, I don't know about you...but, I do not have the time to sit around in urgent care. All I could do to keep from going crazy, is to entertain myself by making funny Instagram posts. And yes... two out of the three visits, I still had my gym clothes on. 😉See this image largerI feel like my ENT visit today was a waste of time. They prescribed me more meds and shoved me out the door. Because of the visit to the ENT; I missed my gym routine and then I ate a burrito. Frustrated with my health care. It has been a waste of a day as far as healthy living. And it is SO HOT here! I am going to just go float around in my pool. See this image largerThis shark on my tights is a true representation of me at the gym today. My ears are still plugged, but I almost did a full gym routine today! 🎉 It is driving me crazy feeling like I am under the ocean. But, the pressure no longer hurts. I no longer feel sick. So, I have to go back to working out... gym shark. 😉See this image largerNothing but junk.... For breakfast I had a bavarian cream donut. For lunch... a glazed donut. What am I sipping right now....Dr pepper. 😑 Ok, can I call this a cheat day? Nope, got to stare it in the face. My cycle is coming, I'm craving sugar... and caving in on my willpower. 😉See this image largerHeaded to the gym... but on only 3 hours of sleep.See this image largerUp at 5am, and at the gym by 6am.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI LOvE this little strip! It comes up in my memories on FB every so often. But, it is always in my heart. 😂See this image largerHappy Monday my SP family. Just a little humor for all us moms'.See this image largerI am growing celery from kitchen scraps. Woot woot! Non-weight loss goal.See this image largerPeeled my gym clothes off before getting a picture. But, I wore red, white, & blue, in memory of the day. I got sixty minutes on the treadmill. And headed to spin. But, the instructor' music was profane. I excused the first song. However, when the second song also was profanity filled. I left the class nine minutes in. It gave me a break before doing forty-five minutes of lower body. And to finish the gym day. Forty-five minutes of zumba.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerJust a little humor. I actually like to walk, but my toes have been acting up lately. If I take my shoe off and pull my feels good enough to continue for a bit. But, then they get unbearable again.See this image largerMy husband thinks it is too early to decorate the outside of our house for Halloween. But, I say people who decorate for Halloween early, are happier. What do you think? (Not my house, just a example of how far I am going to go with mine)See this image largerThis whole year has been frustrating with it's ups and downs, and not losing the weight. On Tuesday, the nurse practitioner @ the weightloss clinic, told me not to lift weights...just cardio. When I protested, the nurse started that she needed me to lose the the pounds first...then tone up. But, building muscle burns calories. And losing weight without building muscle makes you look like a slim Jabba the Hut.🤔See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerTwenty four years ago today, October 1st, my eldest daughter changed the lives of these three women. She made me a 1st time mom. She made my grandmother a great-grandmother. And she made my mother a grandmother. Four generations of strong women, all in a impromptu photo...and because of one tiny five pound baby, we all look beautiful.See this image largerSee this image largerSince October 1st, I've been wearing my skull tights. And I've meant to share a photo for fun Halloween inspiration. However, every day I have forgotten until I've shed my workout clothes. Of course today I remember... but I don't have spooky tights on. 😂 Ok, how about a Halloween filter instead.See this image largerOn Wednesday we wear pink for cancer awareness. Now, I know that wearing a color does nothing. But, I hope when my gym buddies out there that are survivors, who are currently fighting, or have family fighting... I hope that it lifts their spirits to see that they are in my thoughts.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerHope everyone was kind to themselves today, on this World Kindness Day / Mr. Rodgers Cardigan Day.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerBut, it adds to my workout. So, it's all good.😉See this image largerI have been trying to declutter my house since October. Somehow, my home is just as cluttered. 😉See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMy year has started off slow. I quit going to the gym when my kids got out of school for the winter break. Yesterday was supposed to be my day back. But, I just made a zumba class. Today, I just could not get it together to get to my total body class. But, i'm at the gym now and i'll catch a piloxing class.See this image largerI am back at the gym. But, for the last three days... my laundry has suffered. 😂🤣See this image largerMade it to the gym four days this week. Just a 45 minute zumba or piloxing class. But, the win was getting out of bed and getting to the gym. When my kids are off school it is almost impossible for me. But, I managed to get it done this week. 🎉🏆See this image largerLast year was a bust. But, I am starting the new getting back into the gym routine, and watching what I eat. I was not too successful over the weekend end. But, at least I was mindful of my missteps. And looking forward...See this image largerLook, I made it on my gym's webpage. And I don't mind these cute before, or even after workout photos. But, today during total body class. Two photographs came taking photos. Yeah, my gym outfit was spot on today. But, I am drenched in sweat. My hairstyle is "gym hair, don't care". True, I am not going to be featured. But, now instead of focusing on my body. I am focused on not messing up the background of their photos.See this image largerI actually made it to the gym 5 days this week. No matter what my Fitbit says. I guess, 40 minutes on the weight machines, and a 20 minutes on the treadmill, don't count. Friday, Saturday, and Sundays, are my rest days. This year I am determined for them not to be my total sabotage days. Yeah, I had Mexican for lunch with the hubby today. But, I only ate half the burrito. I only ordered a small drink, and declined the polar pop on the way home.See this image largerGreat workout today. Did 20 minutes of spin with a new instructor, just to try him out. 10 minutes on the treadmill. An hour of lower body class. And the cherry on top, 45 minutes of zumba. For breakfast, I had a boil egg. And washed it down with a protein shake. For lunch, I had a healthy portion of salmon. Lightly seasoned with red tea salt. For dinner, I plan on have homemade chicken noodle soup. Pray that I can keep from snacking before bed. 😉See this image largerToday, Saturday, and Sunday, are my rest days from the gym. What do you suggest I do to keep active over my break, but still allow my body to rest? I go to the gym Monday through Thursday. I usually get there around 8am, and do not leave until after 11:30am. No, I don't workout continuously. But, I do at least two classes a day. Throwing in machines in the gaps.See this image largerYes, I want to lose weight. But, my greatest desire... to age with grace. Therefore, I move my body at the gym. I just need to get better at eating on the weekends.See this image largerSee this image largerFriday, Saturday, and Sunday are my rest from the gym days. But, today after dropping my daughter off at Seminary. I slipped into the gym and did an hour on the treadmill. I walked at a moderate pace, with a slight incline. I made sure to move my arms. Easy, breezy, restful workout. I got my body working for the day ahead.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI am at a plateau in my weight loss. And this weekend I went hog-wild with dr. pepper, and unchecked eating. Nothing to do, but get back on track... and look for non-scale victories.See this image largerMy arms are still chunky. But, I was digging my body this morning. Yeah, I haven't eaten breakfast yet. And the minute, I do my belly will probably protrude. But, this morning I could see progress. I wasn't trying to hide my face. But, my daughter was doing her hair, and not interested in helping with a photo shoot. Oh, and that's calamine lotion on my foot. 🤣😂See this image largerThe scale isn't moving, but I am seeing results through visual changes in my body. Strong is the new skinny, and at my age. I would rather be healthy & strong over thin.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI might be fluffy, but i'm also working on be athletic. I might not have a handle on my food intake. But, I work on being mindful, and make sure to get exercise.See this image largerGrrr, I am gaining weight... time to change up my diet and my workout routine. 🤔See this image largerDay 1 of quarantine After at home worship service, I attempted to clear our pool filter. The Lord had provided two fine frogs for consumption. 😉😂🤣See this image largerDay 2 of quarantine My bedroom is still not clutter free. I am eating a family size salad. And my son has finally convinced me to brake into the chips.See this image largerHappy St. Paddy's Day. Hope you got your corn beef & cabbage.See this image largerMy gym reopened this past Friday. I walked down today and did a mini workout. It has been so long since I didn't do a class offered at the gym... I wasn't sure how to get started on the equipment again. To be honest, I haven't done a ton of activity over this four month quarantine. So, starting slow is probably for the best. Had to add hand sanitizer to the workout essentials.😉See this image largerBusy morning. Took my son to his annual physical. Then over to wait in line to get his yearbook. Back home to grab his sisters. Over to the high school to pick up breakfast & lunches for the week. Dropped off kids to run and grab plates from a friends neighbor. Now to strip down, get in the swim suit, brave my cold pool, and do some swim aerobics.See this image largerActing like my cat today... It is 12:53 and I just got up! Well, there goes the gym. But, I'll work extra hard in the pool. And go do some grocery shopping to get moving.See this image largerTook my new off brand wireless earbuds for their maiden voyage. They didn't make it through a complete gym workout. Oh well, ya get what you pay for. At least they sound amazing up to the point they die. Now I am drinking a green machine smoothie before getting on with my day.See this image largerI am my hubby's best Father's Day gift.😉See this image largerI dieted all last week, and I got some exercise. But, I sabotaged it all over the weekend. 😑 Due to the mandatory mask rule being back on. I skipped the gym today. I just won't be able to workout and wear a mask. 😷See this image largerI can not get control of my eating. And, I don't want to go back to the gym now that the mandatory mask order is back on. But, I have been getting in my pool and doing an hour of water aerobics. Got to remember to sun screen the nose.See this image largerMore water aerobic exercise. I am eating healthy. And I have log my meals!See this image largerToday was the first class day back at the gym. Man, am I out of shape. I mean, I know I packed on 20 pounds over queintine. But, I had fooled myself into believing I could just jump back in. I've been wishy-washy with doing water aerobics; why wouldn't I be able to jump right back into my gym routine. Big surprise... I almost passed out! But, I will be back at it tomorrow. 💪See this image larger30, 30, 30... Thirty minutes of Treadmill, Circuit training, and Zumba. I am also going to try to get out to my pool and do water aerobics for an hour. But, that's just gravy to today's workout. So, if I don't... oh, well. If I do...💪 I am also going to try and balance this chart out at, or before dinner.😂See this image largerSee this image largerDon't fight it Friday.See this image largerMan do I sabotage myself on the weekends. I'd love to blame the holiday. But, I over indulge every weekend... and destroy all the hard work & eating healthy I've done all week! Oh well, here we go again. Healthy breakfast, two hours at the gym. Healthy lunch, and active day of household chores. Followed by healthy dinner plan.See this image largerStarted my day at 8:45am with a circuit/ zumba class. 30 minutes of circuit, 30 minutes of zumba. We are still social distancing. However, classes are starting to see a few more faces.See this image largerSee this image largerA progress photo my gym posted to Instagram. Meanwhile, I have ballooned to 205 from 175 pounds. So I screen shot my response...See this image largerI am trying intermediate fasting. Without much success, I have to admit. But, it is only day two, so I am just beginning to make it a practice. I did get a water workout in... so there's that.See this image largerSplashed around in the pool before doing 37 minutes of water aerobics. Still doing the intermediate fasting... but only until the gyms open up.See this image largerSee this image largerToday, I took my three still at home to the Cabrillo National Park. It was a perfect family day. The weather was beautiful, the kids enjoyed finally getting out of the house. But, the extra weight, and the missed days at the gym were very evident.See this image largerGot over 8,000 steps in today at Cabrillo National Park. But, it was so very clear that I am over weight & out of shape.See this image largerThe picture says it all... a three mile, 60 minutes walk, kicked my behind today. I would love to blame my late start, and getting caught in the heat of the day. But, it's the extra weight, eating crap, and being dehydrated, that was my downfall. Well, I'll just have to get at earlier tomorrow, and work on getting back to where I was. Then on to where I want to be.😁See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerDid not get my full 10, 000 steps in today. But, I am surprised. My son and I did a lot of shopping, and Halloween decorating this afternoon. I need a lucky money cat for all the money I spend on Halloween stuff.See this image largerAfter thirteen days, I finally got an intentional workout in. I walked three miles, and while I walked I tried to make an interesting pattern. However, I returned home to find that my Fitbit had not synced with my phone GPS. 😶 Oh well! Anybody else hate there Charge 3 (fitbit)?See this image largerI had some errands to run, so instead of walking from my home down to the walking trail; I drove. Unfortunately, that shaved a mile off my normal walk. But, I think I know why my Fitbit isn't recording my path. I think my wireless earbuds interfere with the connection.See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerTonight, I prep: pre-workout shake. During workout water w/apple cider vinegar. And, post-workout shake designed to designed to help keep muscle. Tomorrow, I try the new gym. And maybe, depending on how I feel about myself. I might go to my regular gym for Zumba...maybe even stay for yoga.See this image largerFirst day of the 21 Day Detox Challenge. I almost threw-up.😑 It was a very strenuous HIIT workout. I planned to try to sneak over to "my" gym after for Zumba. Well... as I almost threw-up, I opted to just take a 2 mile walk instead. Went to lunch with a friend. Just drank water. Ordered a Ahi Tuna Sandwich. But, I ate half my friends onion rings. 🙄See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerFourth day of Detox challenge. My body is still so sore. But, I made it to the gym. Today was 45 minutes of a HIIT workout, with a focus on upper body. Then I did my 2 mile walk. Oh, and before I left for the gym my scale read, 200. That's 4 pounds... but could just be water weight.😁See this image largerWhat do you think of my tights? Today was day 8 of the detox challenge. Made it to the gym. I thought today was going to be a upper body day. But, today's workout was 45 minutes of total body HIIT. It was cold and my hubby was home, so I skipped my 2 mile walk. I think that I might start coming home after the gym. Then walking from my house to the walking path and back. That adds a mile to my walk.See this image largerBack to the two mile walk. I want to start increasing my walk. But, after the HIIT workout at the gym. I was just too weak... not sure if that is that my body was too weak, or my mind.😉 I also did a quick Sam's club run. So, I am good with my steps.See this image largerSee this image largerSpooky work out today. 45 minutes of HIIT lower body workout. Then a quick 1 mile walk. And then to my regular gym for zumba. Not only did I sweat my skeleton makeup off. I was sure spreading the Halloween funk around. Better go shower! 🤣😂See this image largerSpooky work out today. 45 minutes of HIIT lower body. A quick 1 mile walk, and 45 minutes of zumba.See this image largerHappy Halloween! Skip the candy. I hear that it is all bad this year anyway. 🧟‍♀️👽💀🧛‍♀️👻See this image largerOn Friday I was down 5 pounds. From 205 to 200. Today as I step on the scale, 202. 😑 I know right where it came from. A 32 ounce Dr. Pepper & assorted snack size chocolate, Saturday night. Then two 32 oz Dr Peppers, assorted snack size chocolate, and the house special Pho, Sunday.💀 I know, get back in the groove. But, man can I self sabotage.🙄See this image largerLast week of detox challenge. I did 45 minutes of lower body HIIT workout. followed by my 2 mile walk. My food intake is still "wonky", but I am working on getting back on track with both physical and nutrition.See this image largerThought this was appropriate today. So, many folks are stressing out. And yeah, we are living kooky lives right now. But, there is still so many great things still instore if we could just stop fighting each other.See this image largerNo... Black Cherry Milo and Topo-Chico, do not taste like Dr Pepper. All you do is ruin your Topo-Chico. Do not be taken in by the hype. In other news. Last Friday of the detox challenge. Did 45 minutes of lower body workout. Then a 3.65 mile walk. I am trying to find ways to make a two mile path into 4. Guess, I am forced to just walk it twice.😁See this image largerSee this image largerI am not digging my new hairstyle. I feel like it is my second bad hair cut in three days. It is better then the first attempt... that hairdresser killed my edge undercut asymmetrical bob. But, this time the girl was afraid to give me a asymmetrical pixie cut. So... here I sit with a mom cut.😂🤣See this image largerOk! Topo-chico in the glass bottle, with black cherry Mio; does indeed taste like... a Dr Pepper knock off. Like a Dr Thunder or Stars & stripes.See this image largerHappy 2nd day of January 2021!🎉 Yesterday, I stayed in my jammies, ate snacks, and had southern style black eyed peas for dinner. Today, I took a three mile walk with my doggie. Started a cleanse to jumpstart healthy eating. And am going to be proactive in getting tasks done. 😁See this image largerMy daughter Devin and I took the dogs for a walk. We crossed the road to walk in the shade, and shaved steps off our 4 mile walk... it turned out to be 3.86 miles 😂 Well, there is always tomorrow. And any walk is a step toward meeting my daily goals.See this image larger(Cue Rocky theme) I completed a full 4 mile walk today. Actually, it was a 4.25 mile walk. Now to drink my water, not snack, and avoid Dr Pepper. If I can do those three things, I will have met my daily goal.🎉See this image larger(Cue Rocky theme) I completed a full 4 mile walk today. Actually, it was a 4.25 mile walk. Now to drink my water, not snack, and avoid Dr Pepper.See this image largerOk, here is to another day. Because yesterday I faltered. Not only did I succumb to going out to eat Italian (spinach ravioli, alfredo sauce, garlic bread, and calamari app) . I had two glasses of Dr Pepper.😑 Today, I completed a 4 mile walk. Now on to water intake, not snacking/eating healthy, and avoiding dr pepper.See this image largerYesterday was successful. I met all my daily goals.🎉 Today I've completed my 4 mile walk. Now on to drinking my water, no snacking, and avoiding dr pepper.🤞See this image largerNot the best weekend as far as sticking to my goals. But, not the worst weekend I've had. Got out super early for my walk. It was so cool, and I started running out of time before I needed to make sure that the teenagers had logged on to school. I think tomorrow I will wait until the kids are up at 8am, before I walk. More warm sun shine, and no need to skip sections.See this image largerMissed my walk, and then had a lengua burrito.😑 Oh well, let me drink my water, eat healthy for dinner, and maybe walk sneak a walk in.See this image largerI did it... I went back to the gym. I messed around trying to figure out a new treadmill until it was time to do Piloxing. Of course, my Fitbit quit logging during class.😑 But, 45 minutes of piloxing at the gym. And, then a 2 mile walk. Of course my Fitbit didn't track my path.😡See this image largerI am sitting here in my sweaty gym clothes waiting for the plumber. I did 45 minutes of circuit training, and had planned to do my daily walk after. But, the Zumba girls made me stay.See this image largerLunch with a few of my ladies from church. Guess this day is a wash, chinese, dr pepper, and no exercise. But, sometimes in the journey we need a rest stop to feed our happiness. So, lite dinner, plenty of water, and enjoy the rest from daily workouts.See this image largerSee this image largerI haven't felt 100% all weekend. So, I let my body rest and just ate sensibly. Ok, I did nurse a dr pepper all three days. That is to say, I had a DP every day, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Well, today it was back on the physical horse, and to the gym. But, I really struggled to do 45 minutes of piloxing. I was dizzy, felt sick, and the blood rushed to ears. But, I got a workout in. Abd now I just need to drink my water, and rest.See this image largerSee this image largerJust a little humor. Really, I do not want to share my struggles with anyone. That is one of the reasons I am trying to be healthy. I do not want my kids to continue seeing me, or sharing in my weight loss experience So, just posting a little joke. Because, I have been feeling a bit under the weather. So, no workouts for me the last couple days. And, I am disappointed to admit I've done a bit of sick bed snacking.See this image largerLate start at the gym today. I didn't get there until just before 11. And, then I only walked the treadmill for an hour before going home. I thought I might sit at the top of my stairs to take a picture in my cute gym clothes. Not with my beautiful boy around. 😁See this image largerHappy St. Paddy's my friendsSee this image largerLook at this cute barrowing owl couple. I saw them on my morning walk.See this image largerIt is National Puppy Day! This is my 7 year old boston puppy, Tiger. She is a great walking partner. She doesn't like to stop and "smell the roses". Tiger is a no nonsense "were walking" kinda girl.See this image largerFollowed my son on his trail bike for awhile. Only trailed him for a mile point eight-eight. But, it was a good little hike.See this image largerWent to a church activity last night. The theme was bloom where you are needed. I tried to dress the part, but my shirt was a bit snug.See this image largerGot my steps today. Not back for only taking two mile stroll with a friend this morning.See this image largerWent on a slow stroll with a friend around the neighborhood. Our path kinda looks like ET.😁See this image largerMy kids went rock climbing with our ward youth group. I didn't think I had gotten a workout in. But, my Fitbit logged the half mile walk to the rock face, and back.🤣😂See this image largerSunday is a day of rest. So, working on my emotional resilience.See this image largerI joined a Emotional Resilience class through our church. Last Sunday, I shared too much, realized that I might need more help then a group lead by Ward Sisters, can give me. Well, this week was the first week I actually did the work in the workbook. So, maybe I will go again tonight.😁See this image largerNot the best day for healthy eating. And didn't make it two miles on my evening walk with my buddy. But, spent some time with my spouse. Took my son shopping. And had a nice chat with my friend during our walk. So, I am going to call it a mental health day.See this image largerAlmost 3 mile walk this morning with a friend. Shopping, and putting food away. Good morning workout. I just got to keep active for the rest of the day.See this image largerAn amazing houseplant! 😉See this image largerAlmost a four mile walk in the sunshine this morning. Now to pay bills... boo.See this image largerI organized my gym clothes. Made outfits, and an resolved to go back to the gym this week. Currently, I am waiting to take my daughter and a friend to the mall. I am roaming around my house trying to find something to eat. I am not hungry... I am just focused on eating something. That is how I self sabotage. I can workout till the cows come home. But, I can't eat healthy. I know that food is fuel. That it should be eaten mindfully. But...See this image largerToday on my four mile walk, my doggie and I encountered many things. Hawks flying over head. Bunnies and squirrels scurrying under bushes. Other walkers, and folks on bikes. But those maniacs in spandex, with their air dynamic helmets, and racing bikes...are a MENACE! It is a public path marked for walkers, bikers, and horses... not a competitive race track!See this image larger4 mile walk. Of course my Fitbit was acting up.🤬 Well, at least I got a cute haircut today.See this image largerSee this image largerTook a two mile walk with a friend. After dropping her off at home. Took my girls for a two mile walk on another walking trail. Ate healthier yesterday. Doing good today. Next week I am going to hit the gym.😉See this image largerTook a few of the young women in my church on a two mile "hike". They were slower then I would have liked. But, at least I was moving...slowly...but moving.😉See this image largerGot trapped under my husband's arm while he snoozed the morning away. But, managed to grabbed a quick 2 mile walk with my son and the girls. Now off to a adult leader meeting for young women's camp.See this image largerIt took me all day, but I finally got a walk in. Only did close to three miles. But, steps are stepsSee this image largerFinally made it back to the gym!🎉 They only had one morning class. So, I walked the treadmill for 30 minutes to warm up. Then did the hour Piloxing class. I was on a roll, so zipped home to get my doggie and did a 2 mile walk. Of course my Fitbit isn't guess the only record I have is how great I feel.See this image largerMan... I am so out of shape! Did a circuit class with a low impact instructor. I almost died.🤣 Modified lots, took breaks, and poured my water down my shirt to cool down. But, I struggled hard. Oh well, I will be better then today, tomorrow.🏋️‍♀️See this image largerSee this image largerMade it to the gym this morning. Did 45 minutes of circuit training. Followed by 20 minutes of zumba. But, then my hubby took me to Chili's... I would have been fine with the steak & broccoli. But, I love the chips and salsa and could not pass them up.😕 So, I need to get more steps in. Eat a very light dinner. And, do better tomorrow.🙄See this image largerI waited until 9am to take a leisurely walk with a friend this morning. I headed over to the gym after. But, morning classes were almost over. I would go back to the gym this evening. But, I have some youth coming over to tie dye bucket hats.😶See this image largerSee this image largerI am so sick of online appointments. Sure enough, never got a link, no call. I admit (see prior post). I am the one that slept in. I am the one that has been so long from the gym I don't know the new schedule. But, when I don't dare stay at the gym because I need to be present for my son's online appointment. And then it is just a waste of link, no call. I want to burn down something.🤣😂🤣See this image largerI just cannot get it together. Three times this week I have stumbled with the gym schedule. Today, I left spin 45 minutes early! I thought that piloxing started at 8:45. So, I left spin at 8:40, only to discover that piloxing wasn't until 9:15. So, I've upgraded my membership in order to work with a trainer. I just need a little extra to get me back on track. I'll probably cancel after 30 days.See this image largerKilled my workout today. 30 minutes warming up on the treadmill. 45 minutes of circuit training. And 45 minutes of zumba. Pretty soon my fat under my arm will be history.🤣😂See this image largerMy son had his birthday party today. It was fear factor themed, ending in our pool. I did a lot of running around. But, I was short of my step goal. And, I didn't eat so wisely either. Oh, well... it's not like i gorged all day. And like I said, I moved.See this image larger48 minutes of spin. 65 minutes of piloxing. I signed up to do "Fitcamp", my gyms answer to bootcamp. But, the sessions are either at a time I have prior commitments. Or during the time I do another classes. I am not sure it will be worth the extra $75 a month.😱See this image largerI made it to the gym by 8:00 am. I did 50 minutes warming up on the treadmill. Then 45 minutes of personal training at Fitcamp. It was suppose to be a group training, but I am the only one to show up. Soooo, I got a one on one session. I feel beat up... but, tomorrow I will be more amazing then I was today.🏋️‍♀️See this image larger38 minutes of Spin. 66 minutes of Piloxing class. Then I had a talk with Cindy, (the instructor who talked me into the Fitcamp) about my goals. I just want to get stronger, have better balance. But, losing a few pounds is also a goal.😁See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI had to cut my gym time for these little idiots. But, teenagers are kinda fun to watch, and I got 57 minutes of Fitcamp in. So, I am good I guess.😉

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