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Lost my motivation

Monday, June 09, 2008

I knew that this would probably happen. Where I lost my motivation, but seriously I did not think it would last this long. I don't know what is wrong. Other than of course being depressed, but I am working on that. As I found a bottle of medication that I thought I had lost with a few pills still in there AND 2 refills still left, and another Rx to fill. But still why can I not get motivated to go work out again. I loved it and felt horriable if I did not work out. Now it is like, ok who really cares!
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    Omg Nay! Look at all these people that are behind you, encouraging you, pushing you, loving you! That must be the best feeling! I just want you to know that I love you so much, and I know it's hard for you now. But know this, it's temporary! You are going to feel better, and you are going to start working out again like you were! This phase is not failure, it's just a character building bump in the road, and you will be just as good if not better when it's over. You are never going to be like you were before. I KNOW it, and you know what you say, about my feelings! LOVE LOVE LOVE you!
    4789 days ago
    YOU should care!!!! We are often our own worst enemy!!!! we sabotage ourselves by giving in to those feelings of "so what", "who cares", etc. All you have to do is start VERY small & build on that!! When you get out of bed, do 10 wall pushups after you go to the bathroom!! Then when you go to the refrigerator for lunch, do 5 calf raises!! Then when you get readdy to go to bed, just stretch!! if you just do 2 min, 2 min, 2 min, then you have done 6 min your first day. Each day, add something!! You will start feeling better, & your motivation will sneak up on you!!!! You CAN do this!!!! Hugzz - Jae
    4793 days ago
    I struggle with motivation and its easy to revert back to old ways when you are stressed and/or depressed. Which I've had a bit of both in the last few weeks. But I heard something on a popular radio show about writing down 20 wishes and I suppose you just review them each day to see if you did things to make those wishes possible now or someday in future. I feel so much better today, though I still feel tired and I dunno why because I slept a good 8 hours. Heading to bed earlier tonight and getting up for a 30 minute workout before work.

    I feel so much better after a workout but I get that same thing I dunno why I forget about those wonderful feelings of after exercise "lift" and fall into those comfort zones. I'm with you though exercise I know helps me a lot with depression and stress so I just gotta do it.
    4795 days ago
    You can do it girl as long as God is on your side anything is possible, You can do it dont give up emoticon
    4795 days ago
    NO NO NO!!!! Renee, listen to what everyone else has said. You can do it! You will do it! Think of how many people on Spark who YOU'RE a motivation for! You've lost 28 lbs!!! Think of those like me who look at how far you've come and long to be there with you! It's easy to fall back but difficult to move forward. Anything worth having is worth working for! Hang in there!!! YES WE CAN!!! emoticon
    4796 days ago
    I've been there! Hang in there! Think about how far you've come! You're worth it!
    4797 days ago
  • TAZ675
    I'm still on track w/ my eating, but my excercise is struggling....I've been getting better about forcing myself to workout and it's helping me get back in the groove. I've been giving myself little challenges w/ each workout...it's helping (at a baby step pace) of course it doesn't help that it's party season around here! But I keep on trying!
    4797 days ago
    I, too have been there! Down in the dumps - depressed, no motivation, etc, etc.

    The bad news is there is no magic fix for this. The good news is that you can fix it. Maybe slowly, maybe more quickly - but you have to believe that you are motivated, and that you can and WILL do this.

    I love this saying: "we become what we think"

    So think motivated! Think active! Think happy! I am sending lots of supportive energy your way!!!


    Motivation Fairy..... she works!
    4797 days ago
  • TWEAVER0715
    I have been there to. Matter of fact I am still trying to get my motivation back on track. You can do it. Tell yourself how much better you felt. Don't let the excuses take over. try to add just 10 minutes at a time for excercise and see if that helps.
    4797 days ago
    Girl, you have overcome so much! Im kind of with you (sitting in the dumps right now) but we will bounce back. For me, I dont want to gain back what ive lost. You are doing so good. When I started SP the best thing I discovered was its ok to do 10 of exercise. Start with that. I found it helped me to get going. Take it one day (or smaller) at a time. Pick 1 (or more) thing you want to accomplish today and go for it!!! Plus, putting on some of your fav music might help too. It does for me.

    Good luck and at least youre still sparking! Glad youre here!!!

    4797 days ago
    Sweetie, I know where yu are coming from. I've done really well about not quitting with my exercise this time, but I've blown my eating plan to heck. However, when I first started Spark, I went through this about 4 weeks in and made every possible excuse not to get in my exercise. YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS!!! Do it for you!!!


    4797 days ago
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