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I'm getting very frustrated......

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This blog is going to be a bit of a rant.... (thus the whambulance...).

I started using Spark in January of 2007. Since that time I have not been very good about exercising. But I was still having quite a bit of success.... I had lot 30 lbs by just eating within my calorie range. Every time that I would start to exercise I would gain weight, so I'd quit. So then, in March I decided to start exericising, which led to running, which led to me quitting smoking and now I have been working my BUTT off these days, working out 6 days a week, which is AWESOME! I feel great, I am looking much better. BUT.... Since I started working out in March I have GAINED almost 20 lbs!!! How is that freaking possible???
I haven't really been eating any differently, except that I've been consuming a larger portion of my daily calories in the morning (about half). I'm thinking that this may be part of the problem.... I have gone from hardly exercising at all to burning approximately 2500 calories a week.... So I'm thinking that I need to adjust my calorie intake, but how much???? I've updated my SparkPeople profile, and it hasn't changed anything... I think I need to go see a doctor, but I don't have insurance right now.
I am SO FRUSTRATED!!! I have made all these "positive lifestyle changes", yet the results on the scale are making me want to stop. Yet I don't want to stop, because I'm really enjoying the exercise, but I'm NOT enjoying the results on the scale....
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    I am sorry that you have hit this tough patch in your weight loss. It might be time to start measuring your food again to see if your portion sizes are a bit off. i know that made a huge difference for me. I was overestimating the portions by quite a bit. Be careful that you are not cutting back on calories too much also. Your body will punish you for it by holding onto all of the weight it can! Remember that you have made some great changes for the better for your health, quitting smoking and starting to exercise, and you CAN do it!
    4684 days ago
    Have you seen any other changes in your body? Sometimes we can't go by the scale (as frustrating as that is). Even though you've gained this extra weight, are your clothes fitting better? Are you finding that you have more stamina? Do you have more energy?

    Go by these things for now and any other differences you're noticing in other areas of your life. Eventually, the scale will catch up. Sometimes we just put our body into shock and it has to take its good ole sweet time accepting it (even if we hate it).

    You're doing GREAT! Keep up all the hard work and try not to let the scale discourage you. You CAN do this!
    4684 days ago
    Candice I am sure you already know this but I have to comment on the muscle weighing more than fat..... muscle does NOT weigh more than fat. Muscle takes up less room than fat. Example....3lbs of muscle will take up less space as 3 lbs of fat. a lb is a lb regardless as to what it is. A lb of feathers still weighs the same as a lb of metal. A lb of muscle actually takes up 3 times less space than a lb of fat.

    Sorry Lolli no offense to you......
    4684 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/10/2008 10:54:30 AM
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    I hear your frustration. I really am not sure exactly what to say. I guess first off I will say that being 20 pound heavier, but now a non smoker still makes you a lot healthier. Still, healthier or not, you don't want that 20 pounds, and I admit I wouldn't want it either. Gaining weight with exercise is very common. Your body will hold on to extra fluid, and you will gain muscle mass so a small weight gain is normal, but really 20 pounds isn't. It's time you tweak something. How many calories a day do you eat? How long do you run? is it possible that you need to better fuel you running. Not to mean that you need to increase calories, but maybe move calorie intake around. Do you track your food? Is it possible you are eating more than you think? Is it possible you are really not eating enough and that your body has hit starvation mode?

    Hang in there, if you are doing things right, then eventually things will move for you.

    4684 days ago
    Perhaps it is muscle as muscle weighs more than fat. The scale is not the greatest measure of success, it lies and it doesn't give the full picture. Have you been taking measurements of yourself? Or what about clothes, are they a little roomier?

    4684 days ago
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