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It's All In My Head

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I weighed in today for my second challenge team and I was down two lbs and it left me totally frustated. So frustrated that I talked myself out of working out this morning with the thought, what's the use.

I should be happy with 2lbs but I can't celebrate it because from all the work I've done this past week I keep hearing in my head it should be more it should be more.

Yesterday being the day before the workout I really pushed it and I was only down 1lb from Saturday when I did my other weight in..... *groan* Why aren't I celebrating the loss instead of saying it should be more it should be more.

I'm so mad at myself for even allowing the mental sabatoge to take place. I should have jumped off the scale, headed to the town dump and threw those 2lbs in the landfill.

Why is it when we know all of the right things we still let the wrong thing come in be it food, thoughts or actions. I know what it is and I say right now satan you are a liar so get out of my head.

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    My suggestion is similar to WINKERDINK's.

    Stuff two pounds worth of rocks in your pockets and walk around like that for awhile. When you remove the rocks, you will realize how much lighter you truly are without those two pounds. (Plus, walking around with rocks in your pockets will burn more calories than normal walking.)

    You have done well. Be proud of yourself for your little victories. It's the little victories that pave the road to long term success.

    4703 days ago
    Go and buy 2 pounds of butter, sit it in front of you, and realize that you lost that much and you should be very proud of yourself! ( Then get rid of the butter!) emoticon
    4704 days ago
    2 lbs should be something to celebrate, but you'r right, it is all in your head. So tell yourself, I'm 2 lbs lighter than I was the day before.

    4704 days ago
  • TRACY368
    2 pounds in a week? That is great!

    If you start losing more than that, it probably means your not getting enough calories and that could lead to a binge, and I know you don't want that.

    Just keep thinking of the weight you will lose at 2 pounds a week, it adds up quick!

    You can do it!

    4704 days ago
    Hi, I'm on the Turbo Jam team with you, and saw your new blog post on there (the title caught my attention). Did you lose 2 lbs this week? Because if so, that's awesome, and probably the most you should be losing a week anyway.

    If you're talking about overall, could it be that your body is making muscle, and that your weight will go down later? I have been reading about this happening to people a lot lately (it happened to me for a couple of weeks recently as well). It can be extremely discouraging, but in a few weeks, the lbs will be coming off and the wait will be worth it.

    Someone told me about NSVs--Non Scale Victories. How are your pants fitting? How do you feel?

    It's a long process, and 3 months from now you'll look back at this time and say "wow, look at my results. I'm so glad I stuck with it" or, on the other hand, you might be saying "I wish I had stuck with it--I'm as heavy, or heavier than I was when I started".

    I've so been there. A month ago, I made the decision to start this again, for the millionth time. I'd given up before b/c of mind games. Tomorrow, I could decide to give up yet again this time because of mind games. But I know I won't.

    Wow, that was long! Best wishes.
    4704 days ago
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