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A New Beginning

Monday, August 11, 2008

I never thought I would do it. And I'll admit it...I had stereotypes about the people that "had to resort to paying someone to help them lose weight". Well, then I talked to my girlfriend over the weekend, who had her baby since I had mine, and is already 4 lbs under her pre-baby weight. She looks great. And I still don't. She told me she lost it very quickly using Weight Watchers online. She told me about the plan, and how simple it was for her. I figured if I love this site, and actually like tracking my food, etc., I would probably like that program. And God knows I need to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Because the work I have been doing these past few months really has not been paying off. Sure I have more muscle tone and endurance, but still same weight, still same flabby belly, still same 12-14 size. UGH! What happened to my 8's!?!

I digress.

So I signed up for Weight Watchers online today. The verdict? I love it already. The set-up at least. And now I'm super excited about weighing in on Friday, but I have to be very careful not to get my hopes up too high for my first 5 days. (But I'm very excited nonetheless!!!)

I'm actually surprised at how high the points are for some of the foods that I was consuming regularly. Such as the 2% milk that I get at work (no 1% available there). 1 cup is 3 points, and I was having a pint for lunch which is roughly 2 cups--so 6 points of my daily 22 in my lunchtime milk alone! No way starting today. And the same goes for some other "healthy" food that I was depending on. But I also love how I can regain points by exercising (even though I aim to never need those extra points) and how I have 35 splurge points per week to do with as I choose. Lots of flexibility. Day 1 down, and I still have a half of a point to spare, with 6 regained exercise points still untouched.

So we'll see if this works. If nothing else, my attention and motivation is now renewed--exactly what I needed! I'm going for 2 lbs in one week...I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can....
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yay! I'm glad you found some new motivation!

    Is there any way you can bring your own milk to work? I know if someone had told me to drink skim milk when I was used to 2% I would have said, "Ew gross! No way!" but I weaned myself down to 1% and then to skim after that and I don't even notice anymore. I'm sure if I somehow ended up with a glass of 2% or whole milk it would taste like cream to me... but I digress

    I'm looking forward to hearing your weigh in news, and more about your experience with WW. Keep up the good work, Ruth!

    4653 days ago
    Dairy is a caloric killer :( Great to gain during pregnancy, not so when trying to lose!
    I have a milk goat and LOVE the milk, but can't consume nearly as much as I would like because of the full butterfat.

    Good for you!!! I've heard good things about Weight Watchers.
    4654 days ago
    Ok, you can do it as long as you don't leave us! Just kidding. WW sounds like such a great system, so many successes from that program. I can't wait to hear how your weigh in goes!
    4654 days ago
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