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Thursday, September 18, 2008

During my maintenance journey, I did get to the bottom of that range, 125 lbs., once. At that point in my life, I was literally jumping out of bed in the mornings to go race downstairs and weigh myself. Every morning was a celebration of the achievement.

Now I've been headed the other way. Some of the wisest advice I've gotten on SparkPeople was from BEMORESTUBBORN, when she talked about setting a "danger point". My "danger point" was the top of my maintenance range, 131 lbs., and I've hit it. So, here's the story:

1) Eating fruits and veggies.
2) Staying conscious of eating balanced food groups.
3) Keeping an eye on the scale watching for my "danger point."
4) Seeking help when I reached my "danger point."

1) Setting a new exercise schedule when I got a new job--I'm not getting much exercise at all and not getting any strength training.
2) Eating for emotional reasons--that's how I put on the weight originally, and lately I've been doing it again and watching the scale creep slowly up and up.
3) Seeking help as soon as I knew I was slipping.

**Maintaining Range: 125-131 lbs, 22-24% body fat**
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    BEMORESTUBBORN's wise advice:

    "I remember feeling panicky after I reached my goal. The fear of not being able to maintain was huge. Anybody else feel that way? But I know that to keep what I've accomplished requires continued discipline and a watchful eye. Here are some excellent strategies for keeping your hard-won victory.

    1. Weigh yourself daily.

    Do not fear or hate the scale, people. It's just a TOOL - like a traffic light!

    2. Identify a weight above your current weight where you will TAKE ACTION to return to your goal.

    I used to do this years ago and called it my "danger point." Problem is, I kept raising the bar higher and higher and got to the point where I disregarded it (and the "traffic light") altogether! However, when you use it properly, the technique works. Today, I don't let the scale go further than two pounds up before springing into action.

    But don't set the number too high - that only opens Pandora's all-you-can-eat box, which is why:

    3. Five pounds is a good point at which to implement a plan to re-start your weight loss efforts.

    Five pounds is ideal because it's not so much weight that you're discouraged with an insurmountable challenge but it's high enough to sound the alarm! You've taken a "detour" and this helps you avoid a complete "derailment!" Which is why those daily weigh-ins are so important...

    4. Exercise regularly.

    Say that twice! Better yet, DO IT!

    Maintenance is the point at which you do what you've been doing all along, automatically. It is not "the end" but a continuation of the good eating and exercising habits you've learned.

    It is your lifestyle..."
    4620 days ago
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