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Brain Chemicals and food addiction its not our fault its lack of knowledge

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I found some of the greatest information on the brain chemicals that come to
sugar sensitive people it is called Potatoe and prozac Kathleen Des Maisons punch in computer take a look very fasinating Also Kay Shepards The Body Knows and her site think you will find interesting JOIN OUR FOOD AND SUGAR ADDICTION TEAM ANY FORM OF FOOD ABUSE CAN BE OVERCOME WE HAVE LOTS OF HELP HERE SEE ALL FAVORITES AND PLEASE I LOVE YOUR SPARK MAIL i AM HERE TO LEAD AND GUIDE YOU AS YOUR LEADER IN ANY WAY I CAN emoticon emoticon ps aLL free THANKS TO CHRIS FOR Spark another very exciting i believe book for us and site called Radient Recovery by Karley Randolf Pitman her website is First your selves or sugar shock.com let me know how you like thes
PLEASE leave just a commit to let me know you have been here just even a hi well encourage me to keep it here i know these will help you greatly so we can get the victory over food abuse and sugar and food addictions emoticon then emoticon now freeee
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