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How many calories?

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm a little confused. Everywhere I read states that a pregant woman should eat only about 200-300 calories more than she usually eats. Then it says that it should range between 2500-2700 calories a day! Who eats that much food. I usually eat between 1600-1800 calories and only because I make my self so my metabolism doesn't drop. I can't imagine eating that much. THEN, my doctor told me not to do ANY exercise in my 1st trimester. What is that? How I am supposed to eat 2500 calories a day, with no exercise, and not get as big as a house?

Does anyone know how many calories I should actually take in a day?
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    I've always heard that you only need to eat about 300 extra calories a day to accomodate for baby. Are you high risk? If you are not high risk, walks are GREAT for you while pregnant. It keeps your blood flowing and ... you're right, you don't WANT to get as big as a house during this time.

    I got a LOT of walking in while I was pregnant, but that was cut short when my blood pressure skyrocted. My doc told me that he would induce me the next morning because of it. I had a 12 hour labor... approx a 30 minute delivery. It was not really all that bad.

    Like the other commenter - Every woman ... every PREGNANCY is different.

    Best of luck to you!

    4420 days ago
    I didn't eat much of anything in the first 2 trimesters of both my pregnancy's, I would throw it ALL up. Now in my last trimester I couldn't get enough food, the average weight gain is 20 pounds, of fat. More when you add the extra blood flow and water and baby and amniotic fluid. So just before you give birth you should of gained like 40 pounds, and 6 weeks later it should only be a 20 -30 lb gain.

    If you were active before the pregnancy, unless this is a HIGH RISK pregnancy there should be no problem if you go for hikes or walks. But NO crunches or things of that nature. The more active you are in the pregnancy the easier the delivery is or so I have been told. I got lots of walking in when I was preggers, both of my labors were apx 8 hrs long and both delivery's were about 30 min. not bad huh?

    But every woman is different. emoticon
    4422 days ago
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