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Monday, June 29, 2009

I was wondering if anyone has tried any of these weight lose pills, phentermine, meredia, xenical or tenuate. if so could you let me know, i have tryed losing weight for 8 weeks now and i can not seem to lose no more then 7 pounds well everyone have a good day emoticon
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  • no profile photo CD8022584
    count your blessings on losing seven lbs in eight weeks. If I could do that I would be a happy camper here in Mesa Az
    3978 days ago
    I tried some once, but it just caused my heart to race, all the time. I threw them out and never looked back.
    4292 days ago
    4292 days ago
    I really hope you made the decision to eat healthily and exercise regularly and not use the weight loss pills. From everything I have read, the only real way to lose the weight and to keep it off is to make a lifestyle change, to eat properly and to exercise regularly and to make that a part of your life.. not a short term solution.
    4319 days ago
    Diet pills only seem to work while you are taking them....everyone I know has put all their weight back on once they stopped, so save your money!
    4323 days ago
    I've tried pills in the past. The best thing to do is moniter calories in and calories out. It's fool proof!

    You're doing great so far!!
    4326 days ago
    I have had a great opportunity to be involved with the one and only Kathy Smith in a 12 week event in "getting America Moving". Every week I receive a letter from her with inspiring information, for me to remember and work on. I will post it, because this week I thought that she gave me some very valuable coaching. I think you will enjoy it, and try hard to apply it in your life. I am... Watch for the posting on my sight. I will post it right now. Julie...
    4327 days ago
  • JKSTEIN123
    I used the phentermine pills and yes I lost weight, but as soon as you quit using it the weight comes back. I have several friend that used phentermine and they all gained it back. They were $25 a visit to get. What a rip off. If there was something that really worked it would knock out the rest of the market.

    You are doing good. Just remember it is a life altering process. Forget the rest, they are all temporary things. Believe me! Save your money and buy clothes for when you lose the weight, the right way.
    4327 days ago
    I agree IVORYGIRL1776, You do not need any pills. I can tell you what I take and it is also very good for your body also, is I take 2 TBL of Flaxseed oil every day, and I try to eat salmon at least twice a week. I have noticed that when I don't take the oil or eat salmon, my body tends to bloat up. So I have had great success in using this in my diet... Keep going, and keep excercising, you will see the change shift soon. And another thing I do, which has helped me, is that I keep a daily chart right on my counter, so that I have to write it down, I see it every day, so i know that I am being held responsible for my nutrition intake every day. Then you can sit down to your computer and put it in to SP. I am just beginning this today myself.. I know I came across a food intake page, because i noted it once on here. I wish I could get you this pdf file so you could download it and print it. Hymmm is there away to get this to you on SP? I am new here, so I am just getting familiar with it. Let me know if there is a way. have a blessed day... Julie emoticon
    4327 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/23/2009 1:35:17 PM
    Cathy 7 lbs. in 8 weeks is great. That's almost a pound a week. I couldn't do better myself. Don't worry you're doing good.
    4328 days ago
    You are doing so great. Whenever I get discourage I go and find something the same weight as what I have lost.. like a dumbell. You really sense how heavy it is and thent hink that you took that off your body! Eating right and exercising is the best way to diet... all those pills personally scare me. Please just be careful with what you do. Alli is FDA approved... maybe try that if you really need to but check out the side effects first. Good luck! emoticon
    4353 days ago
  • ICKA_2
    7, that's almost 10! forget the pills, keep doing what your doing because it's obviously working
    4355 days ago
    7 pounds is a good achievement.

    4363 days ago
    I have used phentermine and lost 30 pounds with it. I am a fan but it does have side effects you have to be willing to take a risk on.
    4369 days ago
    I have the new slimquick pills and I quit taking them because I didn't see any significant results. I didn't feel less hungry and no results on the scale.

    Kick up your exercise routine a little. Make sure you are eating enough calories. Eating too little can be just as bad as eating too many.

    4374 days ago
    I would like to say I have, but then I would be lying. I wanted to try the Meredia, but decided not to. I have a problem with pill's at the moment. It's even hard to take my vitamin's at the moment because of my gag reflex. This is the first year I'm not running to go buy any diet pill's, and I'm doing fine. So just losing anything is great, keep it up girl, I know you can do it maybe you just need more motivation. your doing great so far!
    4375 days ago
  • EMER1023
    I agree with everyone else, it seems like you are making good progress. I know it feels slow, it does for me too...I've only lost two pounds, but I'm trying to stay away from the scale and make healthy decisions. You can do this, it just takes time. Anyone that I know that has tried diet pills has either gained it all (or more) back in time and are more miserable for it, or had side effects that weren't worth it.

    4376 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5079204
    I asked a similar question on "Team Forum - 30 somethings with 25-49 pounds to lose -General Team Discussion Forum"

    I'm getting similar responses - to avoid the pills. Maybe more water is a better solution
    4382 days ago
    Please don't use any of those pills; they all have side effects.

    You are losing almost a pound a week---that is great!!! Keep on this steady track without losing your health with those pills.

    4386 days ago
    Yes Xenical. You adjust your fat intake real quick! It was ok for me, but my husband and daughter didn't like it because of the side effects
    4409 days ago
  • no profile photo CD534346
    Hi Cathy!....Gotta agree with the majority here...I've 'been there tried em all'...no good news...no magic and tons of nasty side effects!!! Its true you need to EAT (good stuff) to lose the weight the 7 pounds is a fantastic start....check out all the resources here and remember its a LIFESTYLE JOURNEY and babgy steps will get you there!!!....be blessed!
    4412 days ago
    I haven't taken a diet pill since it was cool in the 70's and then I didn't even need them! LOL... I think that diet pills will probably work if you are supervised by a doctor, but I have the feeling that once you go to eating normally with no help you will gain the weight back. Lifestyle change seems to be the only thing that really works and keeps it off... good luck to you on your journey... emoticon Sondra
    4413 days ago
    Cathy, I have to agree with everyone else. I have struggled with my weight for over 30 years. I have tried every diet ever written and almost every pill ever produced. They all worked for a short time. Then I gained it all back and normally more. It wasn't till I got on SP in March that I have found a way to keep it off. I occasionally hit a plateau it normally means changing my nutrition and fitness some. It is slower this way but you don't gain all the weight at once you gain it over time, That is the way to lose it and keep it off.

    4413 days ago
    I haven't tried any diet pills, but mostly because I'm bipolar and they would react badly with my already-faulty brain chemistry. But I echo everyone else, learning how to have a healthy lifestyle and losing slowly is the equation for success! And when in doubt, ask your doc!!! Good luck!
    4413 days ago
    Sorry I haven't tried any of them. Wishing you much success on your journey~

    4413 days ago
  • no profile photo CHOCMOM
    emoticon Sadly, I think I have tried them all. Lost a lot of weight quickly and then put double the amount back on. Since I've been with Spark, I have been losing slowly, but never-the-less 'LOSING" and keeping it off. Besides there is no telling about all the damage you can do to your body taking those pills. Portion control and exercise seem to be the best thing. Continue to Quick Firer your day and you will start seeing a big difference.

    Oh, and welcome to Spark. emoticon

    4413 days ago
    I just had a discussion about this with my doctor. She does not advocate using pills. She believes in the basic good calories in and getting exercise in. It was refreshing to hear a doctor getting back to the basics.
    I've tried the xenical, don't use it. It left me with side effects along time after i was off of it.
    Remember to patient with yourself darlin, your success can be measured other ways than the scale. How your clothes fit, how far you can walk, your endurance.
    Stick with the basics of Spark. If your at a plateau, take a close, serious and honest look at your nutrition tracker and fitness.
    You can do this....you are worth it remember that.
    4413 days ago
    First of all, 7 pounds in 8 weeks is a good healthy weightloss. Pills are far from a way a person should do. They are bad for you, you can have side effects, there are no real studies on these. Phentermine as an example, would not be good. As part of my medical training, one thing I've learned, calls that EMT's have gone on, seriously bad and horrible consequences for people that have taken these pills. They do things to your Heart Rate. They may not have effect on some, but could on others. I personally won't chance taking something that could even cause issue. Plus people that lose on pills, gain it back. They say they won't but they do. Again, 7 pounds in 8 weeks is GREAT safe healthy weight loss. I tell ya, I lose at most 5 pounds in a month, and usually not that. Weightloss is far from easy, there are no magic pills.
    4413 days ago
    I looked at you Nutrition Tracker...you need to eat and get you metabolism to kick in...believe it or not, eating properly, exercise and water will do more for you in the long run than any pill will do.

    A long time ago, I purchased some weight loss pills only to read the direction to find out that they advocate eating (which includes water) properly and exercise. They may aid you on the way, mentally, but the real work is still up to you; they can't keep the weight off, only you can do that! So in these trying economic times, that's another reason to get off on the right foot from the very beginning...

    Babysteps really is the answer. Pick one thing and start working it into your routine, use the nutrition and fitness planners, journal your feelings to help spot triggers to your food selections...YOU CAN DO THIS!
    4413 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/29/2009 12:50:06 PM
    Stay away from pills, nothing works. Keep tracking your food, stay in calorie range and exercise. It will happen, just not fast enough for you. Hang in there and stay away from pills. If it were that easy everyone would be skinny.
    4413 days ago
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