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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hi Spark Friends emoticon

I have missed you all soooo much!!! I had some computer issues and then went on vacation so I have a LOT of sparking to catch up on emoticon While I was away I had a lot of food issues to deal with. I actually learned from them and want to share with my spark buddies in hopes of helping you too.

I was in a place where trips for ice cream was a nightly part of the events. Also deserts were a high priority just as a veggie would be. I left here thinking I was solid in my lifestyle changes and would not have any problem falling into old habits. Well, I first began allowing myself a treat because I had the calories left to indulge in a small ice cream or a bit of desert. That was fine. To deprive ourselves of all deserts would be a recipe for a future binge as I see it.

Then about the 3rd or 4th trip for ice cream I began seeing just how easy it would and could be to fall back in to old bad habits. I mean who doesn't want or like deserts right? Then an old blog I wrote came to mind. I had titled it Recognizing our weaknesses is a strength. It occurred to me that by my giving myself permission to eat ice cream and deserts every night was actually a weakness for me and could be a road that would lead me back in to my old bad eating habits.

Allowing ourselves a treat or some desert is okay but I was finding it acceptable to do it as a rule not an exception because after all I was still within my calorie range for the day. This reminded me of back when I was carrying around all the extra weight and I would live in denial and make excuses for what I ate. I then got a grasp on my eating emotions and fell back in to my life style that helped me get to my goal weight.

What I realized was that it is SOOOOO easy to get off track and if we do not catch ourselves and regroup as soon as we realize we are off track it would be a road to bad habits and gaining weight. I know for me I need to look at my life style changes and utilize them EVERYDAY because it is kinda like an addict who wants just one more of their drink of choice or their drug of choice. My addiction was unhealthy food! I over ate and what I ate was not good for me. I have to always keep in mind where I was when I began here at Spark People and where I wanted to be.

I do believe that having some small amount of deserts is okay. However, I felt like I was reverting back to some of my old ways by doing it for several nights in a row. Doing that made me feel an internal alarm that asked what are you doing here? It made me realize that I was kinda at a cross roads where I could just say to heck with it I am on vacation so I am going to indulge or I could realize that I needed to get myself off the nightly desert train so I did not risk reverting back to the old over weight me. I chose to stop the deserts. I made this choice not only because I have come to far in my progress, but also because I remembered so many things I learned here on spark. One of my favorite sayings came to my mind. "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"

So, one thing I am trying to share with you is that I have learned soooo much from the wonderful people here and from the great articles and blogs here. It actually sticks with me and I believe it all kicks in when we need it to. I can remember thinking of a spark friend that was involved in a situation where they were tempted by bad food and another where someone was emotionally eating and then I recalled the advice given them and how they got over the challenge of temptation and continued on their path to their goal. I thought to myself, I am NOT alone in this journey and I have so many wonderful spark friends that are facing the same challenges that I do and we need to remember the wonderful support and advice and suggestions given us by friends who have been where we are.

Even though we are not physically with each other what we share here is with each of us everyday. All we need to do is bring it to mind and use the strength and wisdom we all get from one another here and that can and WILL keep us on a good path. I have recalled something I learned from here many times on the path to my goal and it has gotten me through the bumps along my way.

So, ALWAYS keep in mind what our friends share with us here and the knowledge you have gained from the site and the irreplaceable spark friends that travel this road with us. This community can hold the key for you to get through a rough spot or a weak moment. We never know what piece of information given us here will come to save us from ourselves one day.

I wish everyone continued success on your journeys here and am forever grateful for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING here because I have changed my relationship with food because of all I was given within this site and all of the wonderful people here.

I wish you all a GREAT week my friends.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for sharing this wisdom. Like Elizabeth I'm installing my Spark Alarm and Spark internal recordings of all such Spark Friend wisdom. Your support and help make this lifestyle change seem easy and organic (except when it is time for strength training and it seems hard and weird). Thank you (again) for sharing.
    4372 days ago
    Thanks - good blog:) I've found the same thing to be true for me. So easy to slip back into those old habits!

    4372 days ago
    Thanks - good blog:) I've found the same thing to be true for me. So easy to slip back into those old habits!

    4372 days ago
    Words pf wisdom shared with love and concern! Excellent advice and a greeat reminder that we have to stay focused, no matter what! You are a winner and an inspiration to me! emoticon emoticon
    Have a fantastic week emoticon !
    4372 days ago
    Great blog!! I'm going to remember this one when we have our weekend beach get-a-way at the end of September! Thanks!
    4372 days ago
    Ice cream or Wisdom? Ice cream or Wisdom? Ice cream or Wisdom? I see wisdom won out over some pretty darn good ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing and helping!
    4372 days ago
    You are right, what we share and what we learn from our Spark friends just helps build our knowledge and growth as individuals. We learn from our mistakes and we grow from them and help others to grow as well. This is a great place to be and great people to converse with! Keep up the sparking!
    4372 days ago
    Yes, it is very easy for us to get off track! This was a great blog, and I am really glad you are back, You were so missed!
    4372 days ago
    That's your sparkalarm going off to get you thinking
    you eat too much of the wrong things, my friend. emoticon
    Thank you SO much for sharing this.
    I'm installing my alarm right this minute.
    4372 days ago
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    so clearly said and i agree wholeheartedly. knowledge is power and support from our sparkfriends is priceless. thanks Donna! emoticon emoticon
    4372 days ago
    Bingo! I am going on vacation next week so reading this is timely. I have to keep reminding myself: It's not just how many calories I'm eating, but are those calories fueling my body?
    4372 days ago
    You are so right on! You have so much insight and wisdom about yourself and what you need. I am both encouraged and inspired by reading your blog. Thank you for sharing you process and progress with us! And welcome back! I've missed you too!!
    4372 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/9/2009 7:40:53 PM
    You are soooo AWESOME!!! I think that the fact that you have an internal alarm clock and it went off and you recognized it on time instead of 2 or 3 months from now says that you definitely did successfully change your lifestyle! You are learning from your experience and you're not forgetting the friends that you made along the way that helped. What more could anyone ask for in a life's journey?! Keep up the good work. You're doing so well. Having a good lifestyle is the key... but not if it means being miserable... so a dessert once in a while is cool!
    4372 days ago
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