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HELP! Foot pain is terrible!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Okay, I have had ongoing heel pain (plantar fasciitis) since February of this year. I went to the doctor who referred me to a specialist. Both my doctor and the specialist said - stay off your foot and no long walks. Well, walks are usually how I get exercise in.

The specialist gave me a cortazone injection in my foot. That worked for almost two months and then the pain came back. I was then referred to physical therapy which was helping but my insurance only covers 6 sessions. So last week was my final session. The physical therapist told me that I need to tape and wrap my foot everyday and continue with my stretching exercises for the foot. This is okay but I still shouldn't walk long distances and she told me that this could take 4-6 months to heal. I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!!

Have any of you had this problem? Any suggestions.. I do swim and bike but I am not getting the same results that I do with walking.

HELP, Please!! emoticon

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  • no profile photo CD5451892

    I have had problems with plantar fasciitis for a long time, and tried all the suggested remedies with mixed results. I finally found something that REALLY makes a difference - Sketchers Shape-Up shoes. They have been like a miracle for me - I find myself standing instead of trying to find a place to sit, and enjoying long walks again. It is just so refreshing to not have feet that hurt!
    4137 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6158352
    I tried everything my doctor told me to do without any real relief. So, I got fitted for good walking shoes, added some inserts from Sports Athority, do stretching exercises before I get up in the morning. I take one Aleve every morning before I walk 3 miles everyday at the mall in the morning (been doing this for 2 months). My feet are almost all healed - 6 months ago I could barely walk across the room. I'm not a doctor, this is just what worked for me. Occasionally I might still have a few hurtful moments but nothing like what I was going through. I hope this helps.
    4152 days ago
    Jennifer - I feel your pain! I used to have heel spurs so bad I could hardly walk when I got up! I did the shots, the ortho inserts (expensive) and wrapped. The only thing that ultimately helped me was surgery but the inserts did help a little as well as regular soaks with hot/cold, if you can get foot rubs/stretching and ibuprofen. Hang in there girl, it is rough because we need to move but how can you when you are in pain?!
    4303 days ago
    Yes, many of us have had or still have plantar fasciitis. You have lots of company. I found a Sparkteam for it!

    Over time, members have posted their own stories. (My posts are pretty long-winded!) There are lots of remedies for the pain. Unfortunately, nothing really speeds up the healing time.

    Taping works, but other remedies are more convenient, and you can find what works for you.

    Just ask me if you have any questions. If you do read some of the posts, the golf ball and frozen water bottle are two good ways to start getting relief. (Click on the team icon on my page.)

    Soon you will be able to do minimal walking around with little pain--just have to find other ways to get exercise emoticon

    4305 days ago
  • DROSE6550
    I have the same thing, and I bought Dr Scholls heel orthodics (like $7.99 at Walmart). They are made especially for this issue and they help. As well, I found recently that Birekenstocks shoes are comfortable for it.

    My doctor gave me some stretches too and told me to ice the bottom of my foot by rolling it on a frozen water bottle for 10 minutes, as many times a day as I can. Oh, and he told me swimming, biking and the eliptical would be the best for exercising.

    I still suffer on and off, but it seems to be getting better...

    Best Wishes!!!!

    4305 days ago
    Jennifer, what about chair and/or floor exercises? There are some great exercise demo's here on SparkPeople. Look through them and see which ones you are able to do w/o causing more strain on your foot!
    Hope your foot is better soon. My Mom had problems w/that a couple of years.
    4305 days ago
    I bought a pair of Nike Air Maxx shoes. They are like walking on air. I don't even have to use the gel inserts with these
    4305 days ago
    Seems like some massaging would help. Probably the therapist did this and you can, too. Also I would think some ibuprophen regularly for a few days (maybe 2 every 6 hours) for a few days to lower the inflammation. You get plenty of excersize with swimming and the bike, I think at least don't walk until the ibuprophen gets the inflammation down. I like the good shoe idea, of course. Of course, I am not a DR but have been around this earth for awhile!! LOL :) emoticon
    4305 days ago
    I had this trouble also. The physical therapy worked best for me. Stretches that I learned there, I still do even though therapy ended over a year ago. I do not want my feet to hurt like that ever again.

    Other things that help, now that it is better. I spent money on myself for better shoes. This time real walking shoes, yes not pretty, but so much more comfortable and properly fitted. I ADDED a paid of Walmart gel soles and those make these shoes feel fantastic. I walked slower at first until things settled down - it took a while but not too long with continuing the exercises/stretches from physical therapy.

    Also, you might try swimming or maybe eliptical until your feet feel better. These exercises seem less stressful to the feet to me.

    Don't give up and take care of yourself, Jennifer.
    4305 days ago

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