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My Life with Diabetes

Monday, September 28, 2009

I am not sure how to start this but here it goes. On October 10th 2003 I was first told that I have type 2 diabetes. I was in denial of it but back in my mine I knew. but hearing those words DIABETES. I could not believe it. I felt like I had done something wrong. They told me what I had to do and the Medican I had to take. I was to come back in one month and they checked my blood. My blood counts where 300 and 400's . They said we need to put you on come thing else. This went on to about 2 years. Then they took some more blood and I found out that I more problems it was my liver. The counts where not good. The doctor made me an appointment with an liver spicalist. They told me I have to go for an liver byopce. When I went back it was not good at all. They told me I only have a quarter of my live left. I need to go on treatments. So I did for a 48 weeks. I was doing well until the 45 week my red and white blood counts went real low. They took me off the treatments. I am not queried yet! I am holing my own for now. But it is real hard to fight the Diabest and liver desy too! But I take one day at a time and pray to God to give me strength to fight. So I am just know getting my diabetes under controlled. I have been in the normal range. And my A1C is been at 6 and under. for a long time they where at 11. I no now what I need to do to keep it in the good range. I think if I live a healthier life like eating right and exercising. It will help both problems. I am know went to start treatments again. But I have to keep my sugars at normal range. That is real hard when on treatments because I make you real sick. But I am determined to fight this. Well things are not always easy but life in general is not. So I will leave for know. I will try to keep you in form of what happens. Please write me and give me the support or strength to go on. I need the love from every one.

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