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Someone Finally Noticed!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So I'm sitting at Panera Bread today having a lunch meeting with a close friend of mine who I see at least twice a week. He's sitting across from me and we both have our laptops open. I confess to him that I had a MAJOR slip-up today and pigged out on Mickey D's fish filet combo (don't judge me today Sparkers...save it for later! LOL). He looks at me and says that my face is getting slimmer. OMG! That's the moment I've been waiting for!!! The first time someone ELSE notices a physical change as a result of my hard work. He knows that I've done a workout here and there but he doesn't know the extent of it. So for him to notice, just really made my WEEK!

I always look for signs on my own and get excited when I notice something different. In fact, I had just noticed the change in my face last weekend. I noticed that I can see more of my collarbone and I also notice the beginnings of my arms taking shape. You know that cut that defines your arms right under your shoulders? I'm starting to see a little of that! But it's NOTHING like that feeling you get when someone, who sees you frequently, looks at you and genuinely notices a change. I was basking in the afterglow for the remainder of the day!

Now I'm off to make my face even slimmer...it's time to PAR-TAY with Chalene and crew!!!
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