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Updating from Last Comp. on My Way to Next Comp.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I suppose an update is overdue. SO here 't is.

Hmmmm... Where do I start? :)

Had I only known what I know now I may have prepared myself a lot better for post competition. Live and learn, right? Yeah. So apparently... when you diet so hard for so long, once you go back to a lax diet your metabolism is about 10x more active in storing fat. I had to learn this the hard way.

I weighed 154 the day of my competition, Sept. 12, 2009. Less than a week later I weighed in at 167.5! Somehow the number wasn't enough to control my eating habits and I was quickly learning I still have an "issue" with food. A month later I was weighing 172. I finally seemed to stall around here.

I needed a goal to keep me focused, so I picked one of the shows for next year to shoot for in May. But, as my weight would not cooperate I felt as though I would be repeating another race-to-the-finish-line competition. I surely didn't want to do that again! I wanted to do it RIGHT! I know slow is the way to go.

I decided to pick the same competition I had just entered, for next year - should be around Sept. 2010. This gives me a little less than a year to drop the weight I need to and come in shape, slowly. I hired a nutritionist to help me learn some things with my body, as I seem to be a complicated loser. I started my new program last week. I'm now down to 163. I'm feeling much better and clothes are fitting again! Hoorah!

I'm also trying a new workout routine. My trainer/partner and I have come to the fork in the road. I always knew the day would come but I didn't expect it so soon. I'm saddened but "okay". I know I can handle it and I will learn even more than before. Change provokes growth.

My new routine is only 4 days a week, but seems a LOT more intense. I should see some glute growth and I'm also working on my lats. I think this new program should do the job.

Stretchmarks! 2 of 3 procedures done! I feel vain, but don't care! Having these stretchmarks on my stomach as bad as I do, have really led to a lot of insecurities. I think it will be worth it in the end. I already saw a difference in the first treatment. I'm excited to see the accelerated progress after this 2nd treatment. I'll post before and afters when the process is over.

Ummmm... guess that's it! I feel more centered than I ever have and I am embracing change as I've never done before. I know with the change (especially the one's I want to fight) comes great things. Bring it on! :)
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    Congrats to you for getting back on track. Remember... whatever you put on, you'll have to take it back off. That's what keeps me reeled in. I had to work so hard to take the weight off this past year that I don't ever want to do that again. Good luck. You can do this.
    4266 days ago
    I totally get your situation. I am up about 10+ pounds from off season weight and slowly coming down.

    What really helps for me is that I don't do refined sugar, wheat or flour products especially after shows. I eat that way anyway which is why I chose figure shows.

    A few tips I found to help specifically are:
    Keep the salt intake low
    No Dairy
    No Fruit sugars

    I made a frozen thing in my ice cream maker where I make clean treats using almond milk, unsweetened or coconut milk, unsweetened as the base and add protein powder.

    Most people think fat makes you fat but what really brings on the fat are the high glycemic carbs and sugars. Coming off shows can make a boby insulin sensitive and its not fun :)

    Peace. emoticon
    4279 days ago
    I get ya! I thought I knew it all and I could just tweak the diet a bit if I gained too much... somehow that didn't work. I guess we will always be trying new things in a quest to find what works right for our bodies... it may even take a few years to work it out... or maybe our bodies adapt and we'll need to change our way of dieting every year. It's a life long proccess and we have much to learn!
    4280 days ago
    Good luck...
    4280 days ago
    Good for you, Hun! Post-Comp can be very hard for almost everyone, I think!

    I'm happy to hear you are back to your post comp 1 month weight... that's great news! I am sure that you'll set way below your first competition weight for the next show... you have 12 MONTHS which is a long time to make big changes occur! I know you can do it!

    Thanks for the Update! emoticon
    4280 days ago
    4280 days ago
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