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Thursday, November 05, 2009

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I need to let go of 17 more pounds to reach my present goal weight of 135lbs. I did not realize until today that it was only 17 pounds. That seems like an easy number to get to after reaching a 57lb loss. When I look in the mirror it seems it should be more and I still see fat. I am gonna have to learn to change my perception. My clothing sizes have dramatically changed, the scale no longer says over 200lbs but I can’t always see it. I see it when
I look at my before and after pictures and I hear it in compliments so it must be true. Its all a process but the bottom line is I have to dig deeper and work harder because these last pounds are not as easy (not that the others were). There is a tendency to get a little lax when your goal is so close in hand. I do not want to be right there and miss it so I'm posting my results so I do not lose sight of where I need and want to
Here is my plan:

1. Portion Control emphasizing Dr. Oz’s Guidelines and Clean Eating principles
2. Eat every 2 -3 hours
3. Combine lean & complex carbs at every meal
4. Never skip breakfast
5. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day

Physical Activity: Running/WATP/Yoga
Sunday – Quick Fire Challenge (QFC)/Yoga
Monday – Strength Training/QFC/30 minutes or more Cardio
Tuesday – QFC/30 minutes or more Cardio
Wednesday - Strength Training/QFC/30 minutes or more Cardio
Thursday - QFC/30 minutes or more Cardio
Friday - Strength Training/QFC/30 minutes or more Cardio
Saturday – QFC/Yoga

Education: At least two articles related to health/nutrition/fitness per week

Support: SP/Blog Progress/Reaching out to others

Mental Health: By days end let it all go and look forward to the blessing of each new day

The Numbers:
01/11/10 156lbs BMI: 28.5
01/18/10 155lbs BMI: 28.3
01/25/10 154lbs BMI: 28.2
02/01/10 154lbs BMI: 28.2
02/08/10 154lbs BMI: 28.2
02/15/10 153lbs BMI: 28.0
02/22/10 153lbs BMI: 28.0
03/01/10 154lbs BMI: 28.2
03/08/10 154lbs BMI: 28.2
03/15/10 157lbs
03/22/10 157lbs
03/29/10 157lbs

04/7/2010 Some changes are coming 1 pound at a time creating a new blog, so stay tuned

4/17/2010. Still working out the changes

4/25/2010 Ok so I wanted to reset my tracker so I could look at my goal 10 pounds at a time but apparently I cannot do that with losing the goals I have accomplished so far. So my plan is to log here how many pounds I have lost each week instead of my weight so here it goes:

4/19/2010 2lbs
4/26/2010 0lbs
5/03/2010 0lbs
5/10/2010 +1lb
5/17/2010 -1lb
6/17/2010 way over due to check in +1lb
6/29/2010 -1lbs
7/06/2010 - 0lbs
7/13/2010 - 3lbs
7/20/2010 - 2lbs
7/27/2010 - 2lbs JM is killing me but its paying!
08/18/2010 - 0lbs
09/01/2010 - got to get back on the exercise wagon but cause eating right alone will not cut it
09/15/2010 - This weeks challenge is to get back on my am yoga regimen
Current Goal Weight: 135lbs BMI: 24.7
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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    I know I am a little slow on replying to this blog...but, boy do 'I hear you!'

    I am nowhere near my goal yet, but there are days that I wake up in the morning feeling that I still weigh 225 lbs., and I think 'YUCK', and then I look in the mirror and go "Oh, yeah, I am not that big anymore". It is weird, it's like I completely forget sometimes that I have lost some weight and I don't know how to get over this (I guess we have to look in the mirror more..lol!!)
    But I have found a couple of times that this feeling is getting me in to trouble and I start eating again because I feel so fat. I don't know whether this 'fat person' inside me will ever go away, or whether I will just have to fight her every day for the rest of my life! But I am up for the challenge and the 'fat girl' is not going to win this time!!

    You are doing a great job. You are insightful and inspiring!

    XO emoticon
    4270 days ago
    Hey you have come such a long way give yourself some credit.Besides you seem to have a great plan.Keep the inspiring work.

    Marta Nydia
    4271 days ago
    Tanya, I wonder if you are still wearing your now-oversized shirts, as I have been. Take a hard look, with your husband's help. If you are now sporting "tents", you need to stack those to give away and move into clothes that fit you. When I first put on a shirt that actually fit my current size, I went into shock, as if I still needed to cover up.

    Other people can tell you (if you let them) how ridiculous it looks when you continue to wear clothes that no longer fit.

    It's time to come out of hiding. You have done very well, and you are awesome.
    4287 days ago
    You have lost 57 pounds and the year is not even over!! Of course you can do this...keep on doing what you are doing..it is definitely working...You are really an inspiration to me because we have the same starting weight.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4287 days ago
    What a great Blog fellow Yellow!! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work - you can do it!!
    4287 days ago
    Tanya, what an acheivment. You have done so many wonderful things for yourself. Though i would like to caution you to be careful with your thoughts, "When I look in the mirror it seems it should be more and I still see fat." It's reverse visionary tactics that are in play, and i firmly believe it can sabatoge you're long term success.

    My own experience, i had lost 71 pounds down to 114, and continued to see myself as fat.Not sure why, maybe hard to let go of what i was, but I wasn't kind to myself, nor did i give credit to my accomplishments, and i always downplayed the good i had done for myself. Ya know, the more i continued to see myself as fat, the more i made it so, and proceeded to gain back every ounce plus many more. I know there were other contributing factors, but i still feel this one was one of the leading to making, and keeping me fat.

    Celebrate your successes, and embrace your new emerging self. And please, please, please, Love that body! That has been the hardest part for me, but one i am finding to be the most important in getting to goal ( though i have considerably further to go than you..i feel better about myself and what I am doing than i have felt in years!)

    I hope you do too! You deserve to be proud of yourself!
    4287 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/6/2009 10:40:19 AM
  • no profile photo CHOCMOM
    Your words "When I look in the mirror it seems it should be more and I still see fat. I am gonna have to learn to change my perception. My clothing sizes have dramatically changed, ...." ring so true with me. I still look in the mirror and think "gross!" and I think I have not made much progress despite the smaller clothes. But then there are times like last night, when various people were stopping by my concession and patting me on the shoulder and saying "wow you look great". emoticon It gets the inner "spark" revved up and going again. I tell new spark people to visit your page and see what someone can do in a short time when they stay focused on the prize. You are an inspiration. Thanks for being my spark friend. emoticon
    4287 days ago
    First off, congrats on your progress so far!! emoticon
    I think the mind has a delay on the mental pic matching up with the physical one. You've come a long way and your plan looks good to get you the rest of the way. The rest, as they say, is up to you. Good luck!
    4288 days ago
  • DHAZ09
    You've achieved an awesome accomplishment with losing 57 lbs!! These last 17 will fall to your determination & perseverance! You can & will do it!
    4288 days ago
    Awesome plan! Follow that plan and keep on doing what you have been doing and you will get to your goal!!
    4288 days ago
    Great job on stepping back to re-evaluate your game plan. Your progress is great so take satisfaction in how far you have come. Don't let those pesky 17 lbs derail you.

    And, to quote the motivational words of Tanya, "Keep it Moving!" emoticon
    4288 days ago
  • ANDREA0301
    You can do it !!!
    4288 days ago
    This is a plan that will lead to sure success! You can do it! emoticon
    4288 days ago
    Sounds like a emoticon plan, all you need do now is work it. Share this with the YELLOWS please, many of us are so close to our goals, and then just blow it. I just did, it's TOM for me and I was craving salty foods, so I caved, and the scale went up 1 pound then over night 4 more (stupid, so stupid). I have some serious work to do before Monday morning, need to get rid of all that bloated water. I like your plan and am gonna copy and paste it to all my motivational stuff!!!....
    4288 days ago
  • RIQUI1
    I can so completely relate to your blog. I have a hard time seeing any sort of substantial difference between myself now and myself 50 pounds ago, let alone 15 or 20!! I always get told that I look great, but I still see all of "flabby stuff." I can also relate to the idea of getting too close to your goal and blowing it, as I have now done it countless times! I have been within 5 pounds before and let it go!!

    I have the same goal weight as you, but I know that when I get there, I won't yet be happy. I have made the decision to start using my body fat percentage as a guideline, as well. Now I just have to get my butt back into the swing of things!! lol

    Good luck to you! You look great and you will do great!!
    4288 days ago
    Excellent plan! Work that plan!
    Thanks for posting! I am 15 lbs. away from my present goal...definitely dont want to get lax!!
    Battle on!!
    4288 days ago
  • GIGI1222
    YOU ROCK!!!! I totally know you will get there. I know it is so hard to see. I still do not see the changes in my body, I still see all the flaws. I wonder if that will ever change. Keep on moving!!
    4288 days ago
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