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Joining a Weightloss Challenge

Monday, November 09, 2009

I'm active on a few different Spark Teams and they all seem to offer different weightloss challenges at different times of the year. Up until now I have ignored them all, thinking I don't need the extra support or motivation, not wanting to commit to anything. I am a type A personality. I want to be able to control everything and succeed at anything I try. As I can't guarantee that I will succeed at a team challenge in the past I have chosen not to even try.

I don't know what possessed me to agree this time around. Maybe the invitation in my Spark Mail just hit me at the right time when my motivation was low or could have been just the opposite, I was feeling strong and in control with this whole process and felt that I would not fail. I can't remember now, but either way, I've joined an eight week challenge. Maybe it was just that the eight weeks seemed more doable than some of the seasonal challenges that I had been invited to join before. Regardless, I have committed and my basic personality traits will not let me fail. I will participate in all of the weekly challenges, hence this blog after not blogging for months, and I will weigh in weekly.

Now that I have jumped in with both feet I want to succeed, not just feel the need to succeed because of my competitive nature. I want to lose 10 lbs during this challenge. I don't want to over indulge during the holidays. I am hoping that this challenge will help keep me focused on weight loss when the rest of my life gets crazy with work, family, and friends during the holidays. So far I am one week into the challenge, checking the message boards frequently, participating in internal team challenges, participating in the team challenges, and I will weigh in tomorrow as per the challenge requirements. Now I just have to keep up the momentum so that this won't feel like work. But regardless, I WILL SUCCEED!!!!!
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