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What goes around comes around......

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

At work I work with two other nurses. They are the "Queen Bees" of the office. Of course they are usually nice to my face (we have had our share of 'boxing' matches) but behind my back they will go to the doctor I work for and complain about me. He's too busy during the day (and has told me this) to check up on me all and he says it isn't his job. I agree, however, he's only getting their side of the story.

Our boss has my back as well as the front desk girls. Everyone tells me to my face how pleasant I am to work with. I am willing to work with everyone as a team, etc. I do my job AND I do it fast. The other two nurses are always complaining about how they can't get something done because they "were swamped" that day. However, I see twice as many patients as they do, get all my work done, and still get out of there by 5:00 or shortly after.

They complain that I don't stay after like they do, so therefore I must not be finishing my work. They will constantly ask for help because again they are too busy, and me being the nice person helps out.

A few days ago I was in my doctors office talking to him about our day of patients lined up. We also talked about some of the office stuff that the "Queen Bees" were saying I'm not getting done (most of it is delegated to one or both of them and not me). One of the front desk girls asked them if they would room my first patient for me (I was unaware of this at the time) and they both turned to her and said "No" very snottily (according to the front desk) and then turned away.

About a month ago both of them were on vacation and I was at the office with a fill in nurse. The fill in was rooming for our Physicians Assistant (my doctor had the afternoon off) and I was doing the Nurse visits (Blood Pressure checks, immunizations, coumadin checks etc) and in an hour I saw 34 patients and gave each of them an influenza vaccine. No complaints from me, I did it and had it all done and documented within an hour and a half to be out of the office at 5:30.

Today my doctor has the afternoon off and the Physicians Assistant nurse (one of the 2 Queen Bees) is rooming for her, the other Queen Bee is doing the nurse visits, and I am caught up on all my work and basically finding stuff to keep me busy till 5. The Queen Bee 2 asked me to help her with influenza vaccines because alas she has 34 to do today as well (give or take a few). I looked at her and said "No". Not snottily even though I wanted to but stated I had other stuff to do.

Queen Bee 2 and Queen Bee 1 went to our boss to complain about me. My boss said "You didn't help her with 1 patient for a minute or two minutes while she was discussing important matters with her doctor. I don't blame her for helping you with 34 patients this afternoon."

Maybe it's immature of me but I'm eating all of this up. Dynamics are changing around the office. I think because the front desk girls see me stick up for myself they are starting to feel that they don't need to feel below the two nurses just because of their job titles. I don't believe that any one person is above another just because of education or a title. Everyone starts somewhere and the front desk girls do a lot.

I'm glad I can give them some confidence to stick up for themselves and I know they have been complaining to our boss and even higher up than our boss about the attitudes the "Queen Bees" have been throwing around. Sometimes seeing people finally get their just rewards can be so sweet.
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    Karma is horrible! Keep your chin up and continue to do what you know is right.
    4279 days ago
  • MARI2006
    The work day goes so much smoother when people are busy and everyone gets along and has a positive attitude. Shame on those two Queen Bees! They probably don't do their jobs well either! Hate to have them as my nurse! I think you should continue doing what you are doing -- doing your job well and to heck with them! However, I do need to point out that the tone needs to be set by your boss. Having staff meetings once in awhile and commenting that he needs EVERYONE to be a TEAM PLAYER so the day can be a productive, positive one. This is important and will show when caring for patients. I do like 1Debie1's suggestion about confronting them and if you feel comfortable with it. Go for it.. but those Queen Bees will be ready to sting.. so be prepared on what to say in a respectful, professional manner. Good luck! =o)
    4280 days ago
  • 1DEBIE1
    I found that as difficult as it is, confrontation is the key to making things smoother and putting all this ugliness out in the open.

    Time to sit down with the both of them and ask them why they treat you so poorly, so disrespectfully, and how it is they feel they can go to your Dr and complain about you?

    Speak to them calmly and ask them, what it is they feel you should be doing differently and what will they be doing to assist you in those efforts.

    I would also tell them to back down and get off you back and stop whining to your Dr. That if something is bothering the, to be mature adults and come to you personally and speak to you regarding the matter.

    NOTE: Take DETAILED notes regarding this situation to CYA. Never know when this is going to be turned around and bite you. Better for you to have documentation, then to attempt to stand up for yourself verbally against them.

    (A similar situation has happened to me)
    4280 days ago
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