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"Man, I gotta pee bad!" Barbie's Though of The Day (and a baby step challenge)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ok, so let's just explain the title a lil bit. I have been drinking all 64 oz. of water/day. However, keep in mind that is ALL I have been drinking and I never seem to go over that but I do at least get there. Well, I have never peed so much in my life! I seem to be going to the bathroom having to pee 24 + times/day. So that being explained I will move on. I was struggling with what to write about today, there were sooo many different things that happened to me or that I thought about and I was like, "Hey, I should put that in my blog!"Well, then I figured it's Monday and Mondays are hard enough on everyone so I will try to keep it positive.
As I have mentioned before I work midnights. Therefore, I am pretty bored so I like to look at SparkPages and see what people are doing, how they are doing, what they're like, etc. First, let me say that it dissappoints me when I click on someone's page and realize that they have it set to private. If you are reading this, make it PUBLIC, I wanna meet you and see how ya are doing, lol. Anywhoooo, as I was reading these pages I was able to see a plethora of reasons and motivators for people wanting to lose weight. I also saw and extremely interesting detail btw the people who seem to "stick with it" and their motivators ( I am currently taking Sociology in college and I am very analytical right now b/c of it lol). So growing up, btw my mom, my grandma, my sister, my aunt, friends, etc all going on a diet...along with a majority of "Sparkers" on here, there seems to be one main reason for "dieting" and that is, "I want to be skinny", "I wanna fit into this size", "I wanna wear a bikini", "I wanna get a date", "I wanna weigh what I did in Junior HIgh" (These are all actually examples). I think you realize a picture emerging....Now I personally use to have those motivators (like when I was in high school), and you know what? I NEVER was able to get anywhere...I would begin the day and by the end of the day I ended up eating more than I would have if I would of just stayed off a diet. Moreover, the same happened with my friends, mom, grandma, etc. Then I am glancing at these sparkpages and the people with these motivators haven't logged in, updated their weight, and/or seem to be active for months! SO, without "trashing" people for having these goals...I just wanna necourage all my wonderful friends on here who are like me and have A LOT more than 10-15 vanity pounds to lose, to A.) DON"T SET THESE GOALS and B.) If you have set them, then revise them. If there is one thing that I have learned in my life is that you aren't going to be successful if you have unrealistic and impersonal goals. Next, we all should set very very small goals that lead to larger ones. In other words, have a game plan! So, I cam up with a little list myself of small goals that would be (with a little bit of diligent work) very rewarding. I think what this list will do also it allow us all to see our accomplishments to build up and encourage us even mores. SOOOO, for all of my Sparky friends, I am going to choose two mini goals from this list for this week AND I want you to choose at least one too ( oh yes I sooooo just asked YOU to do something in MY blog,,,lol). Anyways, so here is the list...
1. Park towards the end of the parking lot every time you go to the store this week.
2. Track ALL of your food on SparkPeople EVEN IF you aren't eating "right".
3. Eat a vegetable/fruit instead of a pre-packaged snack.
4. Choose one of your strength training exercises (posted under "My Fitness") and do one/day.
5. Read 3 Nutrition Articles this week (knowledge is power).
6. Drink one EXTRA cup of wate/ day this week.
7. Get Creative---choose one of your all time favorite dishes and try to re-vamp it to a healthier version.

SO, these are tiny goals BUT I betcha any money if you do one of them, you will feel better about yourself and it will be encouraging for all of us to see a non-traditional goal being actually accomplished.
Also, I just wanna say that I did go to the gym today. I worked out for 30 minutes. I go to Curves...and I just wanna encourage anyone that is self-conscious about gyms to consider this one because everyone there is in your same position, they are ultra friendly, and ultra motivational. So, I was happy I did go to they gym....my calorie range thus far in the day is right on target. I wanna give a shout out to my sparkfriends AMYJAP80 and IMPULSIVE CHERYL, you guys are sooooo sweet and I love seeing you guys trying, like me.
Good Luck everyone and I hope you have a GREAT MONDAY!!!!! ALso, let me know if you chose one of the mini goals to do....(I'll be encouraging you).

*****NOTE: If anyone knows of a great multi-vitmain please let me know. I had been taking One A Day's Women Active Body and Mind---and everytime I take them it makes me sick to my stomach within 10 minutes, I literally feel like I will puke. Thanks."
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CHERYLCC1956
    awwww, you mentioned me in your blog! thank you... i feel so special... honestly.
    okay, i'm going to pick parking far away from the stores. i wanted to pick eat a fruit or veggie because i'm already doing that but then that felt like cheating LOL
    as far as viatmins go, i use the centrum brand (okay, i take the centrum silver because i'm getting to that age) and it doesn't seem to bother my tummy... another thought is to take your vitamin at bedtime - then you sleep thru the nausea... and two other p.s. things: amyjap80, instead of the gym, grab a couple of cans of veggies from the pantry and do the 'dumbbells' workout in fitness... it's much easier on the budget... and niki778 - if you like celery, try that with your salsa... i've started using celery sticks when i absolutely have to have el chico top shelf queso LOL it still gives me the crunch without the carbs...
    4266 days ago
  • AMYJAP80
    First of all thanks for the wonderful shoutout. I have been taking one a day Women's Active Metabolism. It seems to give me an extra boost from time to time. I've only been taking it for about a week now and I like it so far. No headaches or anything. It just makes me want to move around more. Which is good. lol. I would only go to a gym if I could get my husband to go with me. I don't have many clothes that fit me right now and I need some gym type clothing to go anyways. I want to go... but I keep putting it off. Plus, most of them require you to pay money and my husband has been without a job since last december. He was layed off, due to budget cuts. I'm on SSI disability and only make so much a month. So it's a little difficult to get to the gym. I will however take one of your advices... I will write everything down that I eat and do in this site. I also have to put it on my DS Lite game "My Weight Loss Coach" So that won't be a problem. Keep up the great work! emoticon
    4267 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1497466
    This is a great idea, I will read 3 nutrition articles this week(I usually do this not so hard), but I will also try to pick up a fruit or veggie the next time I am craving chips. I usually pack at least one of each in my lunch, but at night I want to eat pita chips, or popcorn or tortilla chips and salsa. I wish I could find something that tasted as good with salsa as chips do.
    4267 days ago
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