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Perfection Sucks

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I'm a perfectionist. It sucks.

I'm still working on it, I dont know why I am the way I am. But I expect myself to be perfect. AND I AM NOT PERFECT. I hold on to things for years and years. Not things about you, but things about me. Like little things. Like that one time a year ago where I drank too much wine and fell off my chair. Really? who gives a rats a$$? If it was someone else, I wouldnt even remember, nor care.

How do I let it go? How do I stop this endless cycle of self disappointment? I'm not sure, , conciously telling myself to let it go.

That's what this year is about. Taking the time to get the things done I need to do, without the self-punishment for not doing it perfectly. Picking myself up by my bootstraps and repeating to myself that it's ok I ate three chili dogs last night, I'm a work in progress, no one is perfect. Telling myself that my husband telling me to park in that spot isn't a personal attack on his dislike for me, its just that when he's driving, he'd park there.


luckily, there is some progress, I find myself defaulting to happy and reminding myself that I'm worth it, I'm deserving and I'm beautiful just as I am. Some day it'll be automatic and not a thought but rather a fact, in the meantime I'll keep working on it.

after all, no one is perfect.


Sending love out to you all, and even more to myself.

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    Girl,you answered your own question ."after all, no one is perfect. "

    I've done the same things throughout the years ,but I'm a helluva lot better .I used to remember mistakes I made or bad decisions of the past and actually get depressed behind stuff I had no way of changing.My obsession with doing everything perfectly led to my being absolutely perfect at failing to lose weight.So,now I'm doing it .Every meal isn't perfect ,but every workout is perfect to the best of my abilities cause when I tried to keep up with a workout of squats that an Olympic athlete was doing on Exercise TV ,I hurt my knees.

    I failed to have something prepared 2 weeks ago and went on a binge covering every food group with the exception of whole grains and fruits and veggies.In the past I would have binged beyond those two meals and just tossed this program.What I did was got up the next day and made sure I ate breakfast and after that meal I prepared a healthy dinner that was filling,low calorie,no fat ,and loaded with good carbs and kicked in some protein on the side.

    emoticon emoticon
    4131 days ago
  • CHERN009
    Have you ever tried a symbolic cleansing? Such as writing things that bother you that you have done in the past or that have been done to you in the past one one piece of paper(or more if needed)and then writing how these things have made you stronger or what lesson you have learned from them on a separate paper. Then going into prayer with God about forgiving yourself for the negative impact you have allowed these things to have in you life and making a promise to only hold onto to the strength and the lessons you have obtained through these experiences. Then you keep the paper with notes of your strength and lessons learned and put the other paper with the actions in the shredder while mentally releasing them and vowing to allow God to take them from you. I found this extremely helpful for me when I found that I was weighing myself down too much with past. Through my experience I have found that if I do not take time to learn the lesson or why it was a valuable learning experience to further understand who I am or need to be from an experience I did not enjoy it is doomed to repeat itself until I do. Stay encouraged and God bless you and your journey to a healthier you! emoticon Chern
    4150 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3926845
    Girl, the part of the husband telling you to park had me rolling. I am the same way-we car pool and some days I feel like it would be better to walk ; )

    I can so relate. Most the time we are our own worst enemies. We are usually harder on ourselves than others. But the trick is realizing and remembering that fact. I am a Perfectionist and some days I believe that is the only way you should be, and some days I think it is a curse.

    Good luck finding "YOUR" MIDDLE ........

    4150 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon dy You are really speaking to my heart of hearts, I am exactly the same way emoticon It is the hardest thing to change about myself is self condemnation. The only way that I am making progress in this area of my life is by giving it to the Lord Jesus and He tells me continuously how much He loves me and how much He values me and I go through this on a daily basis to forgive myself for not being perfect. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4150 days ago
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