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Paved with Good Intentions. . .

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ahhh, good intentions. I was going strong with my ReSpark Streak. And then Friday happened. By noon I was behind on my water, but still in catch-up range. Then my boss offered to buy lunch for everyone in the office. I caved & ordered the big fat Huey Burger. . . with fries! I didn't even have to log it, I knew I was over my limit. Which made dinner plans easy. . . I've already blown it, right?

After Friday comes Saturday. . .
Even though I've already met my cardio goals for the week, that burger is screaming "Saturday morning elliptical". Okay, okay. I set my alarm so I can get up and exercise on SATURDAY! . . . .Snooze button. . . . Snooze again. . . . snooze again. . . . Then the pancakes are ready. What a sweet husband to make breakfast. MMMMM.. . . butter, syrup. Yum. What a nice, relaxed, nothin-to-do Saturday morning. Jammies all morning. Finally a shower just before lunch. Decent lunch - leftovers. Then we take the girls to the movies. Now, we RARELY go to the movies - 2 or 3 times a year at most. But since we're there, we may as well do the most of it. . . popcorn. . . and butter, what else? Dinner was Wendy's drive-thru - I did order a salad. . . a taco salad, but a salad. Where has this day gone? I'll get to that elliptical tomorrow.

Snooze alarm again. sigh. Now it's 10pm on Sunday night. No cardio all weekend - which wouldn't be so bad, if I had made some better choices with my meals. At least today was a little better. I still went over my calories & fat, but not with the mindless snacking. And I did get my 64 oz of water today.

Will I ever get a grip on the weekends?????

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    Hey Mochachic! I have not been on here in a year! Remember me? LOL. I was Healthy4my5 but made a new page to see if got the bugs out of the site so it would work for me, which it hasn't. But hopefully I can at least post to your blog post! GRR. It's just not working for me. Anywho.....30 pounds!!! How awesome is that! You know, it's funny, throughout the year I have been absent, you are one of the few buddies on here I found that I think of often. I was so glad to come back and find you still working at it! Would love to reconnect with you dear. Encourage you, especially through hard weekends! And for kicking your butt to get back on track when we need it! How bout it? I'm praying the site can work out for me as far as functioning. Something is all goofy...I think my computer is just too old for all the stuff they have on the pages now, so it just geeks out and I can't leave msgs on anyones sites.
    Hoping Monday found you in a new groove~
    Your old friend,
    4211 days ago
    Weekend are supposed to be fun. Isn't it a bummer when we beat ourselves up during them. I sent you a sparkmail with a weekend survival guide article. If you figure out the magic formula please share. I think most of us can identify with this challenge. Keep up the good work. Each day you start with a clean slate.
    4211 days ago
    Weekends are rough! But at least it's Monday now...another new beginning. Keep picking yourself back up! You'll get there.

    Maybe check out SP's Weekend Survival Team for additional tips and advice! Otherwise, just hang in there. :)
    4212 days ago
  • ANNEGIRL1919
    weekends are always harder for me-any day out of my normal routine, honestly. don't get discouraged. we aren't meant to be perfect. keep on keepin' on!
    4212 days ago
    The torture we put ourselves through! Then the punishment of guilt piled on top....... Damn its hard to be human. Just put a smile on your face and keep putting that foot in front of the other foot. You are normal! I hear the slips get shorter and farther apart the more we work our programs. Thank goodness for MONDAYS!!!! Your blog touched me. I too wobble on the weekend.
    The futures so bright we gotta wear shades LOL
    4213 days ago
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