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Some good news.....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My grandmother is okay. Finally heard something last night, poor reception but she is okay. The conversation wasn't much but my dad said she sounded so frightened..... She is the oldest in the group of people that she is with but she helping the younger ones as much as she can. Some of my cousins didn't make it and some other family members are badly wounded.

So, what can I say? Thank you for all the prayers. I will keep praying, too. A friend of mine lost her dad and found out yesterday. It is just a mess.

I believe in the kindess of the human spirit to help others in need and that's what i will focus on. If you want to help that's great; if you don't that's your choice, but I wish that people could keep the negative comments to themselves. I love living in America because we have true freedom of speech but sometimes silence is golden. You really cannot compare disasters with each other.... they are all absolutely terrible and heartbreaking.

In other news, I am trying to focus on exercise this coming week. it will help me get out some frustration and my body gets sluggish very fast from not exercising. I've been doing much better with eating, I mean actually eating. that was my real problem.
I thank God for my children because they bring me into their world of princesses and tea parties and I need a reality break.

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