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What kind of exercise nut am I?!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

My favorite classes at the gym are the step aerobic ones. I’m a nut for step aerobics. I did this about 10 years ago when they were really really popular. I swear my thighs, glutes and butt were in the best THE BEST shape of my entire life. Other than that, I think I enjoy the challenge of the choreography and the dance music. Maybe I enjoyed jazzercise for this reason also – but I really just joined jazzercise because they were one of the few places that had a step aerobics class. And then they canceled it after I was already going. Darn them. And that’s why I don’t do jazzercise anymore.

When I was looking to join a gym, back in October, step classes were one of my criteria. I was surprised to find that there really aren’t that many places that have them anymore. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why that is. But I eventually found the YMCA, which has several different step classes, so I go there now. They are pretty well attended classes. Some instructors are better than others. I really enjoy the instructors who know how to teach the movements. Start with one or two different moves and then build on. And then there are the other teachers who are like, “okay, watch me do this. Now, go.” I’m usually lost until I can figure out what foot goes where. I’m always confused between my left and right foot (and I always have been) lead, but eventually I do get it.

I don’t consider myself a novice stepper, nor am I an advanced stepper either. I’m somewhere in the middle. I was once an advanced, but that takes practice. If you’ve ever been to a step class, then you know what I’m talking about. The advanced people are the ones with 2 or 3 risers, who always add onto the moves by doing extra circles or turns and still manage to end up on the right foot at the right time. Advanced steppers like to show off. To look at me (all tubby and stuff, only using the step with no risers), you’d probably think I was a novice, but I’m not. I can usually keep the beat and can improvise a little bit. The whole point is to keep moving and have fun, right?!

As I said earlier, it just takes practice. My absolute favorite class is the one called Strictly Step. It is nothing but continuous movement for 50 minutes. I am only on the step with no risers right now because I’m not in that great of shape. I’m hoping as the weight drops off, I’ll be able to add risers and height and really get these legs in shape! I do this class twice a week. And then I also do a Step Interval class, which is just that: Really easy choreography, but mixes in some light weight lifting. It’s good too, but the instructor is pretty new on the step. So she messes up her routines which make it difficult to follow. She’ll get it eventually, though. Like I said, it just takes practice.

The music starts pumping with its infectious grooves making me want to move. Step up, step down, three knee repeater, knee repeater around the world. Maybe try a little spin here, a little extra twist there… I’m not show-boating – I’m too out of shape for that, but I am having fun. I took a month off over Christmas and New Years, but I’m back. Not sure why it took me so long to get back.

I’m fortunate that I actually enjoy exercise. And since variety is the spice of life, I may throw a spin class or two into my weekly workout schedule or another class like Boot Camp or Kickboxing. In the spring, I’ll probably start jogging again. Ah, I can almost smell the dew and feel the dampness of that crisp morning air. I can’t wait! I’m getting excited just thinking about it! My only issue is how to fit all this exercise I want to do (because I certainly don’t want to give up step class either) into my already busy schedule. Twice a day exercise sessions with a full time job, a baby and a four year old?! Is it possible? What kind of exercise nut am I?!
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