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Three things - three small things

Monday, February 15, 2010

Some things need to happen today and every day going forward.
1. I need to track my food. – I will do this so that I can be accountable. Right now, I will not make as much fuss about what I’m tracking, just as long as I’m tracking. The what will come later. I am going to be more concerned about protein consumption right now. According to the dietician, I need to get 65-95 grams of protein a day. I also have to figure out a solution that is going to actually work for me as far as tracking goes. In the past, writing it down on a little notebook was pretty effective, but I also like tracking on the computer. I think SparkPeople might be the answer to this issue. I will track my food on SparkPeople. If I don’t have access to a computer handy (like that ever happens,) I can use my iPhone and the SparkPeople app. – Or just jot a note and put it in the tracker later. This way, I can actually see my protein (and calories). The downside is that SparkPeople tends to take more time, when I have to enter all the information. But I suppose this way, it might actually help me SEE what the contents are.
2. I need to be more thoughtful in my choices. I don’t have to be perfect, but I do have to give my decisions more thought. I am going to get online and research an effective self-help book (yay! I actually enjoy doing research and this will give me a way to make it something fun instead of something I dread.) Something on overcoming compulsive overeating. I understand this is a process, so I won’t expect myself to be perfect today or ever, really (I don’t have to be perfect. omg! What an ah ha! All that trying to be perfect does is set me up for failure, because, news flash, I’m NOT PERFECT. Nobody is.) I do expect changes to happen slowly. But it is my thoughtful intentions that matter. My desire for change. In the wise words from En Vogue, free your mind and the rest will follow.
****EDIT**** I am going today, after work, and picking up my reserved copy of Shrink Yourself by Dr. Gould. It has great reviews on Amazon.com and looks to be exactly what I'm looking for. I just so happen to have a gift certificate to Borders, so that's where I'm buying it from. I'm actually pretty excited about starting it this evening. *******
3. Get more active. I love exercise. I feel better when I exercise. Quit making excuses and looking for reasons to not move. Just do it. I brought a book with me today and I fully intend to go sit down on an exercise bike at my lunch break or any break time for that matter and read a book and burn a few calories. Burning some is better than none at all. In a few more weeks (or a month or so), I will not be pumping in the morning, so that means that a) I can wake up earlier to exercise at home (I could go jogging for goodness gracious sake! That’s an exciting thought.) or b) I can wake up earlier to get to work in time to take a longer lunch and do some more exercise then. I could bring my step DVDs and do them then, or turbo jam or whatever. I have a ton to choose from and time frames to play with. But regardless, in the meantime, I’m going to continue to go to the YMCA, step classes in the evenings and on Saturday. My exercise sessions at work or at home don’t have to be perfect or long or drawn out. I’m not looking to step out of the gate going 100 mph. That will only serve to burn me out and make me not want to do it, but slowly and steadily increase my durations. I’d like to start incorporating some yoga into my weekly routines somewhere too. But today? Today, I am going to go ride the exercise bike on my break AND going to go to my step class this evening. Childcare is all set up so there is no excuse.

Three things. That’s it. I can do these three things. In all actuality, these three things aren’t even that tough but all of them will help me live a healthier life AND make me feel better about myself. So, having said that, off I go to track my breakfast.
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    4144 days ago
    Having a plan is so important. The fact that you've itemized 3 'goals' is the first step in actually attaining them! You can do it!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4146 days ago
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