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I Don't Want to be Fat Anymore!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

So I pulled out old pictures today and saw myself go from different stages of my life, a Juniors 5 to Misses 16, down to a Misses 10, back to a Misses 16, and I am two pounds away from the Misses 18. AAHHH! I hate it. I am ready to take back my life. I am ready to get back to being that fine little thing I used to be, but how do I start, how do I take control? Just because I buy the Jenny Craig food doesn't mean that is what I will eat. Just because I have a tracker, doesn't mean I am tracking every bite, just because my alarm goes off an hour before I really have to get up, does not mean that I am going to get up and dance or kick box, or get on my Wii Fit, or Shape like I am suppose to. I am watching women at my work go from Misses 20 to Misses 16 and some are even getting ready to get down to Misses 12 when I know they were where I am just months ago. So what is it? Why is it that I cannot find the motivation to get started and stick to it? January was fabulous, I lost 8 pounds, but then I don't know what happened after that? Where did it all go? How did I get off track? Why did I gain 2 pounds back? I wish there was a magic drink, or a magic pill, and I could wake up and be skinny, but then have to commit to working out, and eating right. Why do I have to start now? I don't want to be fat anymore. Can anyone help?
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    ya gurl,
    (Yahoo im: belton_lynn)
    3848 days ago
    Well, January is always the month to start something and then drop off before it's done. And it could be that the reason your coworkers are making their way down is because maybe they find a fun way to be active. Maybe that's what you need? My whole mentality is to constantly switch things up. Also, if I don't work out one day I instantly feel guilty about it until I get back on the wagon.

    Or maybe one day soon you'll have an Ah-hah moment where everything will make sense and will spur you into wanting to lose weight for good. I don't really know where the motivation went but the will to do it is still there. So why not start off with small goals and work your way on up. Even if it's just drinking only water for a week? It all starts small. :)
    4127 days ago
  • LEAKAY59
    I wish I could say I'd lost 8 in January, Clara! You just need to be more positive and see what a great job you are doing! All of us go through the "doldrums" where it seems like nothing is working and we start to think "Why bother? I'm NEVER going to get anywhere doing this!" Determination and perseverance are key at these times - or what I just like to call "Do it anyway!" You've been an inspirational Battle Sister and you just need to start those baby steps over again. HappyCricket is right, don't look back - at least not any further than January. Look forward, look up, look into your heart and your motivation will be there somewhere! emoticon
    4128 days ago
    Don't look back--you can't change the past; don't look at the people beside you--some will always be skinnier and some will always be fatter; look inside yourself to see what kind of future you want and what price you are willing to pay.
    Maybe deep down, you feel like it isn't worth it, because you'll just gain it back anyway. But I think even deeper down, you have something that is holding you back. It really takes a lot of self-reflection to find out why you aren't motivated.
    But while you contemplate all that, you can set yourself a goal that will get you excited--babysteps. Like, exercise one morning, and you'll buy yourself something you've wanted for a while. I read on someone else's blog that if someone GUARANTEED you one million dollars if you lost 50 pounds in three months, you would do it with no question! So, you can be motivated--you just need to find your real "why."
    Good luck--don't give up!
    Hey, the Sparkpage is Karen7360 and she is awesome, lots to help you get motivated!
    4128 days ago

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  • KSUEY55
    Treat your "skinny/fat girl" inside you as a child... one that needs discipline- you are the adult- you know what is best!
    I read this once on a sign at a craft fair- and it made me laugh, but it also made me think..
    "There's a skinny girl inside of me screaming to get out-- I find that if I give her a cookie- she usually stops!"

    Just like a little kid- begging for candy- the mom has to say no- the kid only knows that it tastes good- the mom knows that all that sugar is bad!
    Step up and be the mom- just say no to that "fat girl" so the skinny girl can come out!

    I said no to soft drinks and sugar- chocolate, candy donuts, etc for one week and reached for the carrots, broccoli, oranges, bananas and nuts- The sugar cravings were virtually gone! I still want my sweets now and then, but I am in control and keep within my calories- it get easier- It's like getting a baby to sleep all night- you will have a few rough days, but don't give in and the baby soon stops crying- so it is with the sugar cravings- they go away!

    It also helps to START your day with your exercise- when you are tempted later in the day- you won't want to give in and think all that exercise just went to waist!
    Good luck- YOU can do it too!!!
    4128 days ago

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