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Wednesday Morning...

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's not Spring yet I guess...a little chilly here in Madison this morning.

My glucose came in @93 this morning

Little tired from doing Intervals yesterday...but it went really well, good workout. Finished up last night after dinner w/some walking.

Today is mostly cardio, 3 seperate sessions. Early morning, Power Walking, and then after Dinner again. It's already Wednesday...time flies when you're busy I guess huh?

Funny story...a little scary. Yesterday when the news crew came, we were just getting ready to start filming me working out and the cameraman...a real cool dude named Mike let out "Fire, there's a fire". There were 4 of us here all standing pretty close and we all immediately noticed that this little wicker basket that has kitchen towels, my wife's kitchen aprons' was indeed on fire, flames...the whole deal. It was just close enough to a candle that was burning I guess...so, Mike hustled it to the kitchen sink, soaked it and saved the day. It was just a weird thing in the moment, had to quickly move on and get back to working out...but I'm a little bit paranoid about stuff like that, and later it really hit me how lucky we were, not because it was a huge fire or anything...but we had just been heading out doors to walk and had we left a few minutes earlier...well, it could have been ugly. So another Big Thanks to Mike, super cool Fire Saver from WISC here in Madison.

I'm doing great so far this week, eating right, exercising, hydrating, resting....we'll see what shakes out on Friday...could be the day I hit my 100 pounds lost since starting w/my Trainer Annette & SparkPeople back on Sept. 18th...I'll be pretty stoked to get that wrapped up and start chasing down another 100 pounds!

Today makes 26 days in a row...current exercise streak!

I hope everybody has a Smooth Wednesday! Ryan
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