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Saturday, October 28, 2006

I am finding so much motivation from this site...the commonality of having others like me..in the same struggle..who are willing to attempt to do something about their weight. This WILL be the time. I found a great article on Spark about 10% goals. Similar to WW but this one even suggested taking it a bit further. (I am not on the Weight Watchers plan...I am determined to do this on my own with Sparks help..I have joined WW approx 10x over the years and for whatever reason, it doesn't work for me-though I have learned alot from them & incorporate alot of WW in my personal plan-it is probably the healthiest plan out there for real people). But..what this article says...When you lose 10%...take your new weight and set a new goal of 10% of that. So...starting at 290...my first goal will be 29lbs. Then the 10% goals would be as follows:

290 - 29 lbs = 261
261 - 26 lbs = 235
235 - 24 lbs = 211
211 - 21 lbs = 190
190 - 19 lbs = 171 ( I may try to go for a lower weight when I get here)
This seems alot easier to swallow than saying I have 120 lbs to lose! If I break it into smaller, attainable losses, & it doesn't seem so impossible....Having been overweight for years...as with most fat people..I know how to lose weight.(about 8 years ago I lost 50lbs by diet & exercise..but gained double that back after my pregnancy..I didnt watch what I ate, portion size & stopped exercising!) Most-not all- but most fat people have tried and read alot on how to lose weight.. I think it simply comes down to when the person is ready. It may take a frightening trip to the Doctor & being told you are putting your life in danger or, in danger for a list of diseases due to diet & lack of exercise..it could be how you feel physically , emotionally-or both. Or, one may find inspiration from others who have won the struggle or are in the process of conquering it. What finally has done it for me..is I have realized you have ONE shot at this life. "Oh, I will do it tomorrow, start tomorrow, will be good tomorrow" keeps happening, tomorrow. I am 37 years old. (Am I that old?!).. when did that happen?..I feel like I haven't turned 30 yet..but the clock keeps ticking doesnt it? Tomorrow has come for me. I am tired of being so fat, my face is not me. I am distorted by fat..my body is stiff when I wake up because of the load I make my bones carry. Heaven forbid I have to sit on the floor anywhere...because I look like the typical rollypolly fat person trying to get up off the floor. I can hardly pull myself up. I have never had knee or back problems..but I can hear my knees make funny sounds sometimes...perhaps they are groaning!! I hate not being nimble -if I don't get my rear in gear...I will be a fat old lady..or a dead one from all the nasty things that go along with being obese. I never snored before until I started getting really fat a couple years ago..and that just leads to sleep apnea. I hate being fat. I am going to do something about it. Tomorrow is here...and thanks for everyone of you out there that are fighting the fight & lending your experiences for others to learn from and find their own inspiration!
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