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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This last weekend we were once again loaded up in an ambulance at our local ER and headed back to the UMC in Jackson. He started to not feeling right and not being able to get his words out right. They gave him a shot of Adavant and it seemed to stop the seizure from happening. The EEG that we had done last week was clear. They did another CT Scan in the ER and it is clear. We went to see the neuro dr at UMC yesterday for a follow up. He is now telling my husband to take the dylantin spread out during the day instead of in one big wad at bed time and to get more rest (tv off at 10). My husband has always slept with the tv on. He told him to come back in a month and later on they may do a sleep study on him. We had made it a month since the BIG seizure and were hoping that all of this was behind us. Now I am steadily on edge. Everytime he gets a person's name wrong or a word wrong I feel upset to my stomach (but we try to remind ourselves that he never was good with names and sometimes got words wrong). Please keep us in your prayers.
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