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Laugh With a Leprechaun

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here is a funny story that has nothing to do with being healthy, unless you believe it it healthy to laugh.

I always dress up on St. Patrick’s Day. I wear flashing earrings and a flashing necklace and a ton of green beads. My make up is outlandish. This year I added leprechaun and shamrock tattoos. The best part is the stuffed leprechaun who sits on my shoulder. Sitting up, I guess he is about 4 inches. He really does not stand all that well. Okay, most of the time he sits like an old drunk, but with a few safety pins we can usually get him semi-straight.

For the last 3 or 4 years, I have gone to McAllister’s for lunch with a friend I used to work with. This year she could not go. Now I HAVE to have my Rueben from McAllister’s on St. Patrick’s Day. No one who has ever seen me on leprechaun day would even consider going out with me. I had to call upon an unsuspecting friend. She agreed to pick me up in front of my building.

When I walked outside, I could see my friend coming up the street, so I rushed to the crosswalk. I stepped out into it, and then I walked straight at her, instead of across the street. I was lit up like a Christmas tree and strutting my stuff with the little leprechaun on my shoulder. After I got right to the front of the car, I walked around to the side and reached for the door. Um . . . . it was NOT my friend. I did not know this lady, but it looked like she might be dialing 911 on her telephone!

Finally, after I stood on the street looking like a fool (and waving at strangers) for 5 minutes my friend showed up. At first she would not even unlock the door and let me in. She did though. I think I heard her say a prayer of thanks to some Saint when she saw McAllister’s wasn’t crowded.

When the young man at the cash register asked for my order, I looked at the little leprechaun on my shoulder and said, “He would like the Rueben, and I’ll take a large unsweet tea, please.” My friend walked away. The kid got a kick out of it though.

Can you BELIEVE I finally found my friend in the corner . . . . like she did not want to be seen with me or something.

I have to say the staff there was great. They even thanked us for spending St. Patrick’s Day with them. We went in laughing, and we left all warm and fuzzy.

As Lester would say, “Ya caint beat that with a stick!”

My your year be filled with the luck of the leprechaun!

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