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Tuesday Morning...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Running a little late today...

Just a busy morning, lots of little bases to cover, work/planning my meals etc... all around my workouts. I have a session scheduled around 1pm w/Annette, we'll be getting outside for sure to do some cardio and then probably some fast intervals and Back/Shoulders/Legs strength training.

Meal plan for today...had my half of balance bar real early, then my yogurt + cereal and some fresh strawberries today and some black coffee. I'll have a full scoop protein shake around 11:45-12, workout then a late light lunch leftover boneless pork, leftover home-made potato salad + a big glass of water. For dinner we decided on making some turkey and wild rice veggie soup and a big salad + crystal light...probably will have another protein shake 3/4 scoop between lunch and dinner and again tonight after my after dinner cardio(walking laps)

My hunger cues have gotten so much better over the last 6 months, and my ability to pause, slow down and assess if I'm full or satisfied has improved greatly too...but sometimes it's a little tricky...maybe a few times a week, so a couple meals...I'll second guess and/or just blaze right through the signals my body is giving me..."whoa boy, that's enough" and even though the calories have not gotten outside my ranges at all, and the food is super healthy...when I have eaten past the point of being "full"...it is really uncomfortable now and then it kinda triggers these feelings of shame and guilt...yada, yada, yada...it's happened enough now that I realize it will pass, and that I know my stomach has literally shrunk, so I get full so much quicker and I'm accepting of all of this is about me learning and observing, being mindful of everything as I go..so it's good, I'm not sweating it...just wondering how others' have learned to manage that subtle line between "I'm still a little hungry" and "I'm full" without being on either end of not eating enough or eating a little too much to the point of feeling uncomfortable. I'm sure with continued practice I'll keep getting better and better at striking a balance and keeping it in the middle.

Ok cool, long day ahead still...hope everyone has a Smooth Tuesday. Ryan
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    Hey, isn't it a THRILL to find oneself RUNNING! ?!

    Keep on SPARKIN'! :-)

    4108 days ago
    Have you ever heard that it takes the stomach about 20 minutes to produce the hormones that tell your brain that you are full.

    I have an uncle that eats dinner like this - He will ask you a question, take a bite from his plate, put his fork down, cross his legs, rest his hands on his knee and, what I always thought, listen intently to what you are saying - well maybe he was ACTUALLY listening intently - but there was another strategy working there and I only realized it when I learned of this little tidbit above. My uncle is almost 80 and looks like he's 60 - he's in awesome shape.

    I think there's something to that!
    4108 days ago
    I definately here you when you say, "satisfied or full". What does full mean?? I'm always amazed when my husband can leave a bite of whatever over. I ask him, "how come you didn't eat the last bite of cake?" "I'm not hungry any more!" Huh? How can you leave over a bite of cake? I guess that's why he looks like he does and I struggle. We're all in this together. Maybe we can teach each other. Keep up the positive attitude Ryan. We're all here for you!!
    4108 days ago
    satisfied vs full...that is one thing that I have not yet mastered....I know the techniques but am still a member of the clean plate club....thank you mother! LOL!

    All I can say is keep working on it...practicing your mindful eating...and PLEASE share what you learn...I could really benefit from what you learn....and I will do the same!
    4109 days ago
    I think Ryan you are doing so well because you seem to have stopped useing food as a substitute for other things. That is where I ussually run into trouble. I am angry with my son or frustrated with something at work, etc and I eat instead of dealing with it constructivly.
    I think food cues come as our bodies adjust. It also helps if you eat a little slower. Gives our stomach and brains some time as well as time for the food to completely reach the stomach.
    4109 days ago
  • BELUGA20
    It is so hard! Sometimes I know where my stopping point is and sometimes I don't. I usually eat really small meals with a bunch of snacks in between. So after I eat my dinner, I'm usually still hungry, but then about 15 minutes later my body realizes that it has been fed and stops whining.
    I think the first part of figuring out fullness is to know how much of something has made you feel comfortable full in the past. For example, I know that a peanut butter banana wrap (more of a quesadilla without the queso) will fill me so even when my tummy tries to trick me into thinking otherwise I know it is enough, and after a few minutes my tummy gives up and knows it is full. It's almost like our tummies are puppies that want table food. They whine and look sad at you, but if you know they just had a big bowl of kibble, you won't give them your scraps.
    The second part would be convincing your tummy to stop tricking you... haven't figured that out at all yet.

    That was a big ramble! Hope I made sense in there somewhere.
    4109 days ago
    I hear you on the "cues." Learning to listen to your body is a huge part of this process. It sounds like you're doing great. I'm sure "a few times a week" is a vast improvement over what you were doing before. Keep up the good work! =)
    4109 days ago
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