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Wednesday Morning....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Morning!

My glucose came in @111 today

Feeling good, I had a great work-out day yesterday...walked further than I ever have since starting last fall and then did some pretty heavy-duty strength training and intervals. And then followed through and did my after-dinner cardio too.

Mid-week, lots of work to do...pretty scheduled and feeling really fired up about connecting each and every dot between now and Friday morning's weigh-in. I just feel it, I'm gonna get there!

Getting outside and walking more and more has really shown me how all of this strength training has helped me so much, and I'm excited to just keep going...I know there will be rough days, rough weeks sprinkled into my future...but sticking with this for the long haul and really seeing that my plan is starting to get some teeth is really firing me up. This week has been a "sprint" week for me where my nutrition ranges get cut and my exercise schedule is more intense...I'm feeling good, but come this weekend, I'll be ready to relax a bit and rest up.

Having Cindy & Annette in my corner everyday helping me so much with my meal plan and my training has been incredible...having a team and assessing weekly, being able to respond quickly to changes and make the necessary adjustments....it's alot of work, alot to keep track of and execute on...but it really fits me...set it up and knock it down....run really hard for 10, walk for 5, sprint for 10 more, walk for 5....keeps me from getting burnt out and staying stuck in a plateau and this constant mixing it up is going to hopefully continue to keep my body and my metabolism guessing and tapping into my fuel reserves and dropping the weight.

I don't feel clueless, I don't feel like I'm just guessing...I'm far from where I want to be...but I'm making the effort and seeing a ton of subtle victories as I make consistent progress.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! Ryan
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