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Funny month

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March has been a funny old month for me I woke up this morning feeling happier than I have for a while.Why I am not sure but as I lay there I started to think just how lucky I am .I have two great Children who care Three lovely and loving Grandchildren and 2 Sisters who I am very close to and not to forget the man in my life Dave who has made me feel alive again .
Since I found a lump just be fore Christmas plus both legs being so painful I haven't slept most nights . Then the Housing decide we needed new windows and kitchens and all cupboards and cook ware had to be cleared and moved. Its been a lot of hard work moving and sorting things out of the way but I got there .One night I was in the bath and found another lump on the back of my leg at first I thought I was wrong and I had pulled the muscle but after a visit to the Doctors
I was told I would have to go back to the clinic to have it removed . I am lucky as I am in a research team in to cancer and I was sent for right away . Last Friday evening I set off for the clinic and had the lump removed on Saturday, my leg is sore but not painful.
I am waiting for the results from the biopsy but what ever they are I will cope.
As I lay there I could hear the birds sing and calling the sun was shining and as I looked out of my nice new window in the lovely new kitchen I could see the blue sky and my flowers starting to lift up there faces to the sun . , and I thought to myself just how lucky I am
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