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Thursday Morning...

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Good Morning!

My glucose came in @107

Yesterday actually turned out to be one of those really "dialed-in" days. Connected the dots all the way through, meal plan, exercise...maybe a little too much H20...I was up every few hours last night...oh well, a good flushing I guess.

Heading out to soak up some sun w/Cindy and try to have some fun together. Going to really push myself today w/cardio and walking through any fears I have about being out in public...yada, yada, yada...

Back for lunch, I'm going to have some left over chicken breast, an apple and some water...snacks today will be 1/2 scoop of muscle milk banana protein powder + water and for dinner we are having home-made taco salads.

Tomorrow is a weigh-in, we'll see...I'm interested to see how my metabolism is doing with having upped my carbs going into last weekend for a few days and then cut right back out for the last few days....I feel pretty lean today, so maybe just maybe I maintained my weight...Whatever the scale spits back...I'm good, this week has been a huge celebration for me inside...got out and drove my truck comfortably for the first time a long, long while...walked in a few different city parks...all in all, this tortoise is still in the race and moving along just fine!

Have a super day, Ryan
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