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Saturday Morning...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Morning!

Lots going on this morning...pretty scheduled through early afternoon.

My glucose came in @104 this am, got my sit-ups and walking in already and I'll be doing some work at my desk until 9ish when the chiropractor is coming through and then my Dad is coming over to help install a new birdfeeder to hang out over our deck.

I'm feeling really good about wrapping up this week strong...I've got 3 days in a row of doing both morning and evening cardio...streaks start with a few and build from there. When I'm doing my sit-ups & walking in the morning and it's quiet...that feeling of being good to myself and taking care to put in the effort to be as healthy as I can...that feeling is pure, different than being in the zone...but close, it's just a real solid feeling that I am a person with goals, and people with goals succceed because they know where they're going!

Had some salmon last night w/ a salad, baked potato and cottage cheese. Lately I've been really enjoying the flat-outs as an alternative to breads. Cindy made this stuff called "Cowboy Caviar" yesterday as a relish/salsa to go with lunch. A few types of beans...I think black & some other whiter bean, peppers, onions, tomatoes...it was really good and totally fresh, full of flavor...healthy complex carbs in the beans was the motivation in making that....so we've got a whole big bowl in the fridge. And I think was a nice and easy fix for C, she said it was just cutting up a few things and opening some cans, bingo.

I'm going for it today with balance, truth and determination! You CAN do it, you really can...be good to yourself, believe the truth that you ARE worth it!

Enjoy your Saturday, Ryan
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