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Friday, April 16, 2010

This week I am up one pound for the first time in my journey except a little blip at the beginning. I TOTALLY deserve it. In the last three weeks I have exercised a total of 35 minutes. One week I didn't even track my food (and I was down 1.6 pounds)! The next week I tracked but no exercise and this past week no exercise and I tracked but didn't hit my calorie range more than once. I was over every other day! I am not exercising because I am having a productive cough but I'll take anyone's advice on it because I would like to start exercising again.

I have been very good with the fluids (between 8-15 8 ounce glasses of water everyday) and the vegetables (5-10 servings everyday).

Here's to better luck next week! Have a Sparked week everybody out in SparkLand!
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    hey girl, just keep pushing it out as soon as you feel better, look as the off week as a rest week and hopefully u have a lot of energy this coming week. it is okay to stumble and learn from it, just don't fall off track completely, we are all here for you! :D
    4111 days ago
    awwwwww - don't call it your just desserts. We all have an off week or 2 or 3. :op

    Just hang in there and promise yourself you'll try to do a little more each day. If that mean walking 10 more steps or 1 extra glass of water or just tracking an entire meal. It doesn't matter what it is - JUST DO SOMETHING that you can say counts as "a little more"

    IMO sometimes we have to count those small victories, because sometimes that's what it takes to getour heads back in the game.

    As always you know I'm pulling for ya girlie :o)
    4113 days ago
    As you know I have to many weeks in a row like this. It gets better. I hope you start feeling better but I would try to do some type of exercise...anything. Great job on the water and veggies:)
    4113 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5329129
    Nothing like a +1 to remotivate!!!
    We all have bad weeks once in a while.

    4114 days ago
    Sorry you're not feeling well. But you also know exactly where you want to do better this week. Stay focused and have a great week! emoticon
    4115 days ago
    Sometimes it just happens that way. Sorry to hear about that cough though. It doesn't help the situation.

    Have you considered revamping the plan. I know when I hurt my back - I tried to compensate in other ways, ie, strict on portions, tons of water and very light ST... just something to keep me going.

    I am sure everything will work out - 1 poiund is just a blip on the radar (I gain 5-6 during TOM - drives me nuts LOL). No worries. Tomorrow is another fabulous day. Cheers.

    4115 days ago
    Hey Lady!
    You sound like me in reverse! My eating is AWFUL! Only thing saving me is my running program! Email me when you are freaking out! I need someone to perform food interventions once in awhile! Good thing the wagon is circling around to pick you back up emoticon
    4116 days ago
    We all have rough weeks. Even on The Biggest Loser, where they are exercising FULL TIME, have nutritional coaching, and eat restricted diets, people still have weeks where they don't lose weight or even gain.

    Are you not exercising because of a doctor's recommendations? I think a cough shouldn't keep you from exercising, but I'm not a professional. I would think that walking around the block or something low impact should be just fine and might even help get some of the stuff you're coughing up out. Still, I know it can be tough to exercise when feeling crappy. I've been there myself!

    Even if you aren't exercising, I'd recommend keeping up with the fruits, veggies, water, and food tracking. And if you stay in range, you can still lose weight (just not as much or not as quickly).

    Also, I don't know about you, but when I'm getting close to that time of month, I tend to notice my weight going up at least a couple pounds (sometimes I swear it's 5 pounds or more). I don't know if that plays a role in what's going on either.

    Hang in there! We all have off weeks! But getting back on the ball as soon as you feel you can and doing what you can in the meantime will help you pick that momentum back up!

    In the meantime, there are great supports here! Stick with it! You can do it!
    4117 days ago
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