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pcos, anyone know about this. (long and tmi)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I am in shock because I was diagnosed today. My entire life I have had normal period. Bad cramps but always regular, when on or off the pill. I have taken the pill since about 18. I took them strictly for pregnancy prevention. Iam 33 now and have been through some roller coaster life experiences in recent months. My husband of almost 4 years was diagnosed last year with pancreatic cancer and he is also 33. Right before he was diagnosed we decided about year ago that we would be ready to try for babies within a year. Then he was diagnosed, and thank god since then he has been in remission for the last say 3-4 months. So that was very stressful and we got over it and back to normal. And since his remission we have been talking about babies again, yay. About 2 months ago, I started working out and eating well and training with a trainer 3 times a week and have been doing really great. So then the roller coaster goes again, and we have been trying to help my mom open a restaurant that has been a life long dream for my parents and I since my brother passed away in June of 03. He always wanted my mom to have her own restaurant! Anyway my brother passing away was another stressful time and we have had 6 years to grieve and have been getting better and better. But my brother has nothing to do with what's now, so back to my story. So the restaurant has caused serious stress and we aren't open yet. We have had some bad problems with the city and permits. Thankfully that is almost settled. Ok, so about a month ago I started my new pack of pills and for some reason I started bleeding. Then After about 2 weeks, I finally called the Dr. Well I waited 2 weeks because I figured that the long period issue was due to stress. I thought maybe my pills have become less strong for me and I needed something stronger. I went to the gyno on Monday and he agreed that my pills were just simply not strong enough but that I should come back at the end of the week to be sure nothing else was going on. He suggested an internal ultra sound. So I went today to the Dr and my mom came with me for support. I went into the ultrasound room, got undressed and less than 10 minutes later after the lady probed me, I was dressed and then back waiting for the Dr. to come talk to me. The lady who did the ultra sound said please go back in and get undressed again, the Dr. wants to look. So that turned into, 3 people coming in the room, a very painful ultra sound with a catheter, fluid being inserted into my uterus and a biopsy to boot. I left the room nearly hysterical, in pain and wondering what the hell could friggen go wrong now. Then I went back into the Dr. office with my mother and they told me I have pcos, and the Dr. mumbled what the acronym stood for, a few simple things about it and then told me to look it up on the Internet. Are you kidding me? I just got told I have some kind of syndrome, and some women have trouble conceiving when they have this syndrome and then he wondered why I was crying and freaking out. I went to the dr office thinking my period was just screwed up because of stress and then they tell me this. So naturally, I am now scared that we are finally almost ready to get pregnant an more crap happens to cause stress. I was put on metphormine and the dr did change my bc pills to stronger ones. I read some things online when I got home and also found this forum. So I am all nervous now that we are going to have trouble getting pregnant in a few months when I lose weight based on what I was already doing such as diet, gym, ect. I think the metphormin could be a really good thing and will help me lose weight that I have been trying to lose for many years. I am about 70 lbs overweight and have been trying hard for the last 2 months. I hope all is well and if anyone has any suggestions, comments, good news or experiences they can share, I would appreciate it. Thanks and sorry for being so long.
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  • IVORY1825
    Hello! I know a lot about PCOS, I've been diagnosed since 2001, and I'm a biologist so I've studied a lot about it. I can answer any questions you have, and let me tell you it is absolutely manageable! Please feel free to sparkmail me or leave me a message any time with specific questions, or post them at Living Healthy with Insulin Resistance where I am your friendly team leader! I can also absolutely go over your diet with you, I'm not technically trained, but my self-teaching is good and I have a great handle on how to eat for PCOS effectively as I've been doing it for almost two years now!
    4116 days ago
    Thank you girls. I have wanted to see a dietitian for a long time but my insurance wouldn't cover it because I had no medical need for it. Well I guess I do now and planned on calling my md and my gyno tomorrow and seeing if one of them will give me the referral.
    4117 days ago
    My 17 yr old daughter was diagnosed with PCOS a year ago. I know this is terribly scary for you as I went through all the emotions when she was diagnosed but its not an end all by any means. Get Dr. Fullers book on PCOS,that really helped. Diet is everything to a person with PCOS and you can reverse this with weight loss. Just find a plan that works for you and you will see magical things happen. We only found out my daughter had it with irregular cycles, but diet has helped tremendously and Dr. Fuller has perhaps one of the best books on the market its called simply PCOS. I got our copy on Amazon. Good luck to you on your weight loss, you will see good things happen once the weight loss occurs. PCOS is strongly linked to being overweight.
    4117 days ago
    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can definitly be managed by diet, medication, and exercise/weight control. It is a factor in infertility but some people do just fine with the Metformin and the lower carb/high protein diet. I don't know how decent your insurance is but you may want to see an endocrinologist and/or a dietitian for help with managing symptoms. Doesn't sound like your doctor was very sensitive to your needs, which is unfortunate. Best of luck to you!
    4117 days ago
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