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Comment spam? Here? Seriously??

Monday, April 26, 2010

So, I'm kind of ticked off. Within the last day, I've received some LOVELY comment spam! It's bad enough with the whole weight loss thing and making sure I blog about it to have to deal with comment spam!! What the hell? I have a question in to the help desk or whatever, because I didn't see a place to report someone. I don't like reporting people, and I'm not usually one to do that, but seriously? ugh.

Anyway, another STELLAR weekend. And by stellar, I mean... not so much! lol
Pizza, burgers, more pizza..

I hate the weekends. I hate that the boy will only eat pizza and burgers. I hate that I love that stuff too, and I'm trying to be good, and it just isn't working. Ugh.

Actually, right in the middle of this post, I realized I hadn't weighed myself today, and omg! I actually lost weight! 257.6! Sweet! That's -1.6 pounds! Looks like my Wii Fitting is paying off. ;)

I'm still not happy about my weekend, though. I really wish I could be better on the weekends! It's hard, though. Especially since the boy needs to lose the weight, too, and he just doesn't seem to want to. :/ We skipped grocery shopping this weekend, which I'm thinking is a bad idea. After lunch on Saturday (pizza), I was really too full to really even THINK about food for the week. The boy was supposed to be going out Saturday night & then I was going to go shopping, but his plans fell through. He ended up going out on Sunday instead, and he took the car with him, so I couldn't go out.

Soo... I'm going to plan out a menu for the week today. As a result of leaving early on Friday, I forgot to order dinner for the meeting today, so I'm going to have to order pizza. This means, especially after this weekend, that I'll need dinner on my own, so I'm going to go grocery shopping after work today.

Oh! And I just ordered the pedometer that I was talking about a few posts ago! I can't wait to get it! :D

Have a Sparky week!

EDIT: Wow! SP Customer Support RULES. I received a response shortly after posting my question to them, and the issue has been resolved. Way to go, SparkPeople! :D emoticon
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    i totally relate. my foils are weekend, not bc of fast food but bc i just sit hear and munch, and when im trapped some place thats not home, like work, and i get hungry, so that my only option is delivery. i can totally relate. we just have to do what we can and try to make the healthiest unhealthy choice sometimes. but it doesnt mean anything. just remember it in the future. emoticon emoticon
    4109 days ago
    Yeah, that was crap...but it doesn't happen very often on this site. Keep up the hard work!!
    4109 days ago
    Shopping is the key, I used to get a lot of take out (use too, haha, a few months back) but then I started buying regular at the super market. Omelette are my best friend at the moment, as I rarely dont have enough to make a basic one. They are dead easy to make, and you throw lots of veggies in there; onion, spinach, tomato and all sorts of things.

    Eggs are also an excellent source of protein and a good way to get your healthy fats. Don't believe all the hype around them being bad, or taking out the yokes. You can research on this site about it.

    Anyway, when I am reaching for the phone I stop myself and cook up an omelette amongst other things! Its quicker, cheaper and healthier. Great.

    Good luck! Congrats on the loss.
    4109 days ago
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