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i need something good right now..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

okay.. so the last week has been really rough. first the sun poisoning, which i recovered from quite well. felt fine on sunday. went out for breakfast with the family, cleaned my car, got a workout in, went on a date, and then suddenly, at about 9 on sunday night, i started feeling really sick. swollen glands, achey, chills, eyelids felt hot and heavy, throat felt scratchy... so i got home and washed my face, brushed my teeth, and was in bed by 10. woke up at 9 on monday feeling awful, and decided to call in to work. my glands had swollen even more and my throat felt raw. the chills were awful. then i start getting sweats at about 3pm, and then the chills are back at 9pm. hoodie, pajama pants, comforter, and i'm still shaking. so i took some nyquil went to bed and woke up yesterday feeling even worse. called in again, and went to the doctor's. they do 2 strep tests, and then ask if they can draw blood. sure. why not. take 2 vials. had a temp of 101 and they said my throat was just terrible.. dr was on the border of putting me on a steroid. so he tells me to go home and rest and take some motrin. i have no appetite. i eat about 6 popsicles between 4:30 and 10:30 lastnight. then i wake up today (which is my day off) i wait til 2 and my dr hasn't called me. i call them. they put me on hold for 15 min and then say they'll call me back.. then a woman from the lab calls and says "ahh, wendi can you come and give us one more vial of blood?" ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?! i started crying and i cried all the way to the lab. (it's that T.O.M on top of all of this) and so i walk in there, roll up my other sleeve, and luckily they get me in and out. dr calls me like an hour later and says, ok, so it's not mono.. (thank GOD because i had that before and i wasn't prepared to be out of work for a couple months) and they tell me to start on the antibiotics tonight. so i have to leave my house for the 2nd time today when i feel like absolute crapppp and i get the script filled. so i'm supposed to take 1 capsule (500mg) 3 times a day for 7 days.. and they haven't even told me what the problem is yet. i mean, i'm glad i'm starting on medicine but really?? i'm so frustrated. haven't worked out since sunday. i miss lifting. i haven't been really eating besides toast, popsicles, and sorbet. i haven't been to work since friday, which means it's going to make it stressful for me to meet sales quota when i return with only 2 weeks left in the month, and i haven't been able to see my friends or the sweet new guy i've been talkin to. luckily, his texts keep my mood light. i never get sick. so this is killing me. i'm sick of being sick. i know, i know, no one likes being sick.. but i'm just saying.. i need to get better. i'm completely miserable. and today has been really emotional. anyway, just wanted to vent and let you all know what's up. hope you all are taking care of yourselves!

much love,
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    I'm sorry you're not feelin' well honey! Hopefully you are feelin' a lot better since this was posted last week. I am sending nothing but positive thoughts your way!
    4089 days ago
    I totally understand where you are coming from. Being sick brings ya down! Stay strong. Drink juice, sleep, and keep your stress to a minimal and you'll feel better soon.

    xo Amy
    4094 days ago
    i hope you're feeling better :)
    4096 days ago
    Can I relate to this or what??? I recently came down with Bell's Palsy (a virus in the 5th nerve which controls motor function to your face, for me the left side) So now I am temporarily paralyzed until the virus goes away and my nerve can heal... Don't worry Wendy... you'll get better from this "cold", virus, THING... that is currently plaguing you and be back on your feet in no time!

    I know the feeling of missing weight lifting. I've cut back on ALL my body building fitness endevors until I heal. Right now, just cardio for me, and light cardio at that! It's hard to stay away from something you love, but getting better is far more important right now!
    4099 days ago
    I feel terrible for you- I hope it clears up soon and you get back to a normal routine. I had something similar in January and it didnt last longer than a week, hope your medication works
    4099 days ago
  • DMARIE1181
    That sounds horrible emoticon It sounds a lot like the virual throat infection I had about 2 months ago. I thought I might of had strep but it wasn't. I ran fever for about 3 days and then I started feeling better. I hope you feel better real soon emoticon
    4099 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2219147
    I was going to ask if it was mono, cause that's exactly what I was like when I had it. Then I ended up being preggo also. Poor thing! They put me on steroids though, it really made the throat swelling go down. And I didn't over eat on them since I was so sick.
    Get to feeling better!
    4099 days ago
    Wow that sounds intense. I can't believe he's giving you meds but wont tell you what you have. It makes me wonder if he even knows at all. I'm sorry, I hope you feel well. I never get sick either so when we go down, were just that much miserable! Get well soon! Glad you have a pleasant distraction!
    4100 days ago
    I stumbled upon your blog..That sounds awful!! I hope you feel better! emoticon
    4100 days ago
    Get well fast!!!!! Your such an inspiration I wish you a very speedy recovery!
    4100 days ago
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