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50 lbs Lost - Woohoo!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well, today I 'officially' reached 50 lbs lost since I began my journey on November 12, 2009. So it took me almost exactly 6 months.

I still have about 35 lbs to go...and at the rate I have been losing lately (only .4 down this week, for example) it will probably take me the rest of the year to lose that 35. But I have come a long way, and am grateful for that. I feel lots better than I did 50 lbs ago. I feel like a human being again, instead of a non-descript sexless, faceless blob, for one thing, so that is good. I am still in the 'overweight' category on the charts...but at least I am well out of the 'obese' range. I always hated that word - it's such a ghastly word...for such a ghastly condition, I guess.

So anyway, I got my 50 lb bling at WW tonight - a 50 lb 'washer' charm to go along with the 25 lb washer charm and the 16 week charm on the 10% keychain. It's kind of nice to have, really - I can see why AA gives out those tokens for each year sober. They are nice remembrances of a job hard-fought that must continue to be fought every day if success is to be maintained. I will still need to gather the 75 lb WW bling before I get the goal and lifetime bling...but thank goodness there is one I will not be able to collect - the 100 lb loss bling. Don't need to go that far.

Also, I promised myself that at 50 lbs lost, I would buy some rewards for myself, job or no job. So this week, I will be ordering ChaLEAN Extreme (about $140 for the set, including shipping, etc) and the Season 5 Finding LOST book (about $10). Right now, these are big extravagances for me as I have not spent money on ANYTHING except for bills, groceries, gas, and a couple of career-related books since March 1 (the day I got notice of my March 31 layoff). But I feel like I have earned something special...and as much as I need some clothes (I have very few clothes that fit), I wanted to get something I WANTED, not that I 'needed' for this stupid job search. I have never been a huge clothes person...and I just refuse to make my 'reward' for losing 50 lbs be a pair of uncomfortable and hot slacks that I will only wear to job interviews by sheer force of will as opposed to loving to wear them. Bleh!

So ChaLEAN it is. I wish it wasn't so expensive...but I have really wanted that for a long time, so I'm going to get it. P90X (my other dream Beachbody product) is just as expensive...so I'll get ChaLEAN this time.

And onward toward the next goal.
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