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Thursday Morning...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Morning!

I'm doing good, connecting the dots and sticking to my plan. Over the last few days I've gotten some more clarity, especially around all the different activity above and beyond my meal/nutrition plan and exercise training. This journey I'm on is mine and will hopefully provide me with many, many more victories. My job, according to me and me only here, is to enjoy my life, period. All kinds of detailed extra stuff can fall under that umbrella...but what feels right for me is to believe and live as my real work is to 'ENJOY MY LIFE'

Seems simple and maybe obvious to some, could seem selfish to others...but I'm on this path to regain my life and have the freedom to explore this life with options.

I'm so glad to really feel this inside and to be looking ahead with confidence as Cindy & I continue forward. Have a Smooth Thursday, Ryan
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