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My DVD Challenge - Balance Ball Bonus Workout

Friday, May 28, 2010

Today’s DVD is the Balance Ball Bonus Workout with Suzanne Deason. This DVD came with the Stability Balls I got in March with my REI store credit and it's another Gaiam product.

The DVD is in 4 parts:

Introduction and Warm Up: 8 minutes
Lower Body/Abs/Upper Body: 23 minutes
Daily Stretch: 14 minutes
Stress Relief: 6 minutes

I started with the stress relief today. (Remember, I have a teenager). I found it very difficult and not too relieving. There are 4 moves, and two of them call for kneeling with your body weight on your lower legs and feet. The other two call for you to be balanced and confident on the ball, which I am not. Even just lying forward on top of the ball and rolling back and forth on it is hard for me. The pressure of the ball on my upper torso is very uncomfortable.

However, the last move called for lying backwards on the ball and stretching out your back, shoulders and neck. I was surprised that I could do it and that it felt great. Suzanne mentions this move as being good for people who sit and stand all day, and that is me.

After the Stress Relief section I decided to try the Introduction and Warm up. That section continues on automatically to the Workout part so I tried the beginning of that as well.

In the Intro Suzanne notes that these workouts are condensed versions of longer workouts you can purchase separately. This shows, as it all kind of jumps around from there. The warm up was good and not too hard. I was surprised that I could do the whole lower body set, but I fell apart at the abs section and didn’t even try the upper body.

I didn’t do or even look at the Daily Stretch, but I will try it next time I get to this DVD in my rotation.

I like Suzanne, and the settings are beautiful – Maui and Sedona. I think I might be able to do these workouts, but I really would prefer something more aimed at the Beginner or the out of shape person. This is for people who can support a lot of their weight with their arms, which probably isn’t happening for me no matter how fit I become. The arthritis in my wrists shouldn’t be stressed like that.

I looked on the Gaiam site. They have a 2 DVD set with Suzanne that includes one DVD for Beginners – 100 minutes and one DVD for weight loss – 50 minutes. This set is $20 and I think that is worth it. I know this journey through my DVD’s was supposed to stop me from buying more, but I think this set would be better than what I have.

I looked at the reviews on Amazon, and both DVD’s get high marks from “people like me” and the “it’s too boring and easy” comment from the young and fit crowd. Suzanne has a calm and quiet way of conducting that class, which I like. One of the reviewers says

"If you're looking for something Paula Abdul-ish, an early 90's step aerobics with lots of cardio, shouting, loud techno beats, garish outfits and fake tans, please don't buy this very relaxing yet physically challenging video."

Another person says:

"I can't fault the instruction or the production quality. My grandmother will appreciate this and give it a 5 star rating ."

I think that means I have a winner!

I ordered the set tonight so that I can really make use of these balls. I got a small and a medium, and they just roll around the house doing nothing. I do use the small one for Wall Squats twice a week, but that has been it since March. I think these DVD’s will be a good buy for me. I found a promo code, so with shipping, the total was $21.99

On another topic, I’m thrilled to say that after my Arthritis Pool class today I actually swam some laps! These were real, no kidding, well done laps in the pool! I have not been able to do this since I was in my 20’s, so we’re talking probably 25 years ago. I did two laps each of front crawl, breast stroke, side stroke and back stroke. I decided that butterfly would really be pushing it, so I stopped there. I had to rest at the walls for a few seconds, but I was so, so happy I can’t even describe it! I was a swimmer as a child and teenager, and I really miss it.

There are children’s lessons sharing the pool on Saturdays, so I won’t be able to do laps then, but I can stay and swim on Tuesdays and Thursday’s from now on and I am stoked! I plan to keep up the pool class until November, so let’s just see how good I can get.

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    Paula Abdul-ish, I love it.
    4086 days ago
    great to hear you progressing so well. good for you. keep up the good work.
    4086 days ago
    *laugh* I hear you about taking note of those who say a workout is 'too easy.' I always think, "you are the people who believe 15 pounds overweight makes you obese." I think its great that you are trying things.. and when you are stronger, you will already have DVD's waiting for you.. yes?

    4087 days ago
    wow, lots of good information
    4087 days ago
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