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Tuesday Morning...

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Good Morning!

It's a 'PUSH' week for sure....

I'm doing my best and I connecting the dots as I go, one choice at a time I'm building new habits and creating healthy patterns.

I was thinking this morning after I finished my morning sit-ups....the feeling I get, like I had at 2:30am this morning, of feeling really hungry...aside from calling it hunger...it seems to trigger this reaction in my head, my thinker kicks in and starts to go through all the typical debates, and then I end up landing on the choice to take a big gulp of water or crystal light and go back to bed. So anyway, after finishing my 60 sit-ups this morning I had a very similar sort of thinking going on. When I first start out doing my sit-ups, there is the typical early morning resistance that lasts' until about the 20-30th sit-up, then my mind takes a break, my body is into it and the last 30 or so sit-ups are awesome...I always feel the burn in my abs between 40 and number 60. My roundabout point was just to compare these little mini episodes that happen for me ALL the time, and that they are not always bad, in fact most of them seem to be real evidence of me being tenacious and creating new mental patterns, and the ability to hang in there and do what makes me feel 'good' in the healthiest sense of the word.

I'm so much more into exercise than I ever was and I love seeing the progress, for me...there has been alot of positive change and progress. But the best feeling, that really only last for a few seconds, but can can happen often everyday...is that feeling of being about 75% thru a set of reps, or halfway thru my walk and this quiet, pure inner strength comes over the internal PA and says "YOU CAN DO IT". Once I get into that zone and push through whatever I'm doing, it's almost like I'm making a deposit into the big Faith & Hope savings account. Anyway, I think it's really important for me to take notice of everything I can on my journey towards health, and some of these observations end up really helping me to create new strategies for hanging in there and being successful.

It's raining in here in Madison and I'm really hoping it clears up by this afternoon...I'm ok with going to do my work-out at the pool in the rain...I've actually always really dug swimming in the rain, but I don't want Annette to get soaked.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, Ryan a.k.a. 'Big Happy Water Jogger'
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