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LOSING IT....with Jillian Michaels.....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I first would like to admit that I have never been a Jillian Michaels fan. I flip flopped on watching "The Biggest Loser"...I'd watch a few episodes a season if there was nothing on, but I never got into it all like that. So today I couldn't find anything to watch and decided to see what was ondemand. I came across her new show....

Losing it....with Jillian Michaels. I have never heard about it before so I didn't know what to expect. Hey nothing else was on...why not?!!?

Let me tell you....I have never been so emotional while watching NBC EVER!! lol She comes into a family's home that needs help losing weight and taking back different aspects of their life...whether it be clutter, the loss of a loved one, family unity...etc.

She spends one week with them working out and teaching them how to make healthy meals and choices and then leaves for 6 weeks and they are on their own to use the tools that she has given them. The show is a really really good motivator! I couldn't believe how into it I was!! I was literally crying in some parts b/c some of their stories hit me so close to home...that could easily be me and my family on there. I still thinks she's a hard ass but I definitely like the way she handles these families and helps them take back their life! I set it on my DVR and will be recording it from now on!

If you haven't seen it and would like to ...check it out if you have Comcast..

They have the first 2 episodes on there so far!

Happy Sparking everyone!! :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love Jillian Michael's! I too thought the show was great, definitely a motivator! I am pretty much obsessed with her DVD series and more times than not her workouts are my go to workouts!!
    4022 days ago
    I was leery about watching her show as well, but you can tell she truly cares for these people. She just has no patience for excuses. I really think she helps people find their inner "push". So many of us give up. I know I am guilty of thinking "I'm tired, so I'm not going to work out" or "I really want some chips so I am going to have them right now. Who cares if it is 9:30 at night". The short term is taking precedence over the long term goal.
    The clip for the next show had a lady who had too much clutter. It was so honest and real - the dialogue between Jillian and her "student". It is real people with real problems.
    4022 days ago
    I wish I could work out Jillian just for one day. I think I could last that long and I won't be over in a corner sobbing my head off. emoticon
    4024 days ago
    I am really enjoying this new series and definitely am not in Jillian's fan club. But this new take is a great idea!
    4026 days ago
  • ALICIA702
    I'm a HUGE fan of Jillian!! unfortunately I haven't caught the show due to work boo. Glad you enjoy it.
    4026 days ago
  • FIT_BY40
    I have not seen the show since it's so new. It seems like it's abc's The Nanny/Nanny 911 but for weight loss. I need to check it out.
    4026 days ago
    If you do facebook she is a fun person to "like" - she makes frequent FB updates and is very personable there. This woman is a huge motivator for me.
    4026 days ago
    I like Jillian's workouts she is so serious about fitness. We all need to be that way. If we could just turn off that boob tube for a few minutes everyday & get fitness in America wouldn't be on the verge of being so obese. . . .God bless & thanks for sharing.

    PS. This show has been done before with a male host though on a cable network. Can't think of it now? It will come to me later.

    God bless!

    4026 days ago
    Lol! I love/hate her. Love the results I get, but want to just sock her when I'm doing her DVDs, lol!

    I just heard about her new show, too, and definitely want to check it out. Totally forgot that it might be OnDemand. We have Verizon - so I'll look for it - thanks!
    4026 days ago
    I am not a big fan of the Biggest Loser either. Too many product placements in it if you ask me. I don't think it gives you a realistic view of losing weight either. A normal person at home taking care of their families and working doesn't have the time to devote to weight loss like those people on the ranch do. Then there's the fact that she SCARES me. LOL I don't think you motivate anyone by getting in their face and yelling at them. But maybe that's just me. But hey, if it works for other people, more power to them!!
    4026 days ago
    Ahh, see, I am a little obsessed with Jillian. I don't think she's really all that scary or mean.. she just pushes people out of their comfort zones by being aggressive. There were moments in both Losing It episodes when she was tearing up and getting emotional with the families as they discussed the REAL reason for their weight troubles. I love it!!!
    4026 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    Thanks for the suggestion.

    4026 days ago
    I'm a huge Jillian fan and have been watching The Biggest Loser since it started. I am also watching Losing It and have read 3 of Jillians books as well as done her DVD 30 Day Shred! Ok, I am a little obsessed with her. As a young kid she was around 175lb and 5 ft tall...her story is inspiring and that's why people can relate. I hate when trainers who have been thin their entire life attempt to help people who have struggled their whole life...I don't think they get it. But Jillian does:-). I'm so glad you are watching the show...look into her DVD 30 Day Shred. It kicks butt!
    4026 days ago
  • PEGGO45
    missed it this week
    4026 days ago
  • CAROLJ74
    Totally agree with you! The show is great! I have been in tears the last 2 episodes. And I love that she gets to the bottom of why they are self medicating with food! She totally understands that it isn't going to work for them until they understand the why of it all.
    4026 days ago
    I am gonna have to watch that. I have on demand so I am gonna check it out when I get home tonight. Seems like my kinda show and I like Jillian, her 30 day shred is no joke!
    4026 days ago
    I don't think it's that she thinks they need to cry to be ready. I honestly do think that people are usually overweight for more of a reason than just "i like food". I think Jillian is right about trying to find the real reason they may be self medicating with food. She's doing something right...the people on her show are successful. Good enough for me.
    4026 days ago
    I watch that show too. After doing her 30 Day Shred video I can only imagine that the workouts she puts them through is much harder and for a lot longer. No wonder they all do so well! I think they also have the show on hulu.com for anyone that missed it.
    4026 days ago
    Jillian doesn't think someone is ready to lose weight until they cry about something. That is how she does it. Apparently her mom is a therapist.
    4026 days ago
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