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Finally made it into the 150's club! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well, it is official...I am now 159.4. Even if it is only by a few ounces, i've still made it into the 150's club by Sunday...that was my goal!! I even did it a few days early.


Thanks for all of the encouraging words and support guys!! You really are the reason that I didn't give up all those weeks that the scale was sticking at 165. And look where i'm at now?!?! It feels amazing!!!

A spark friend of mine (EMARIE) told me how she weigh's herself pretty much everyday. At the time I was only weighing in once a week. Then it got me to thinking about how many times after a weigh-in i'd say to myself....let's eat pizza, you have all week to work it off. Or let's have that piece of lasagna....u can work it off by next weigh-in. Well by the next weigh in, i'd still be stuck on 165 feeling hopeless and unmotivated b/c the scale was standing still.

I started weighing in more often and now I feel WAY more accountable for the food i'm eating. If i'm eating wrong I find out within a day or two instead of wasting a whole week and seeing that what I had eaten wasn't as OK as i thought. AND, I no longer say "you have a whole week to work that off". I do know that because i'm weighing in so often I have to be careful not to get upset if the scale doesn't say what I want it to. I understand how often we fluctuate through out the day. SO, I weigh in everyday or every other day and as long as the scale hasn't gone UP, i'm good with that. I gotta tell you though, so far, it just keeps going down, everytime I step on a few more ounces are gone!

Here's to another successful week ( or in my case-day)

Happy Sparking! :)

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