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Wednesday Morning...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Morning!

I'm gonna go ahead and risk the jinx and say that yesterday by noonish, depression slinked away pretty defeated. I got Cindy to the plane on time, jammed some work through before meeting Annette at the pool around 10:30am and I then I just worked on our business website until about 5:30pm. I did a great job yesterday of connecting the dots with my meals. I guess I need to try and fold the habit of healthy mini-snacks (protein shakes for me) into my between meals schedule.

I'm looking at my history tracking so far and Annette has really helped uncover how my body operates...it's very efficient, sounds good if it was applying for a new job...but it's actually a real tough nut to crack. There is this fine line between when my body holds onto weight/fat and when it decides to release. Over the last few months not realizing it until yesterday, I had really backed off on "feeding" my metabolism little healthy meals every few hours throughout the day. So I'm looking at this from 2 angles...

I was losing more, erego my metabolism was probably firing faster when I was having muscle milk light scoops w/water 2x3 a day - between breakfast & lunch, between lunch & dinner and after dinner before bed. Providing my body regular, steady intake and then the other light bulb that went off is that each time I give my body some fuel it's an extra mini work-out for my metabolism.

So I'm really doing my best to follow this planof re-adding protein shakes since yesterday through the end of the week in the spirit of folding this helpful practice back into my routine successfully. Granted, I think this is where I struggle to connect ALL the dots every single day, I can do it and I feel great when I do...it's just that managing this kind of eating schedule is alot to factor in to my busy everyday life...so I can see that when I'm stressed, my old thinking of toughing it out through hunger or all the shame messages of starve to lose or that 'you're fat, don't eat" kick in. So, my job is to keep taking care of myself each day through healthy eating and exercise, and do my very best to tune out the lingering negative self-talk.

I'm so very thankful to all the great folks who support what I'm doing everyday, THANK YOU

Have a Smooth Wednesday, Ryan
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Keeping track, making sure you eat enough, making sure you exercise enough - all this stuff is challenging to keep up with especially if you are not independent wealthy with a trainer, chef, and maid!

    If this stuff were easy there would be no such place as SparkPeople!!

    You are doing awesome!!
    4015 days ago
    I am working on getting more protein in my diet. It seems to help my overall satiety over the course of the day. It's a good plan. Keep up the good work.
    4016 days ago
    They say that 6 mini meals is the way to go and it looks like you're on the right track. Nice to see that you're doing well. Keep it up. We're here for you!
    4016 days ago
    I have read about the small, healthy snack idea between meals and I seem to have the best results with that plan.
    4016 days ago
    Glad you bounced back so quickly....hope you faring well and not missing Cindy too much...take care!
    4016 days ago
    emoticon snacks are a key .like keeping gaS IN OUR TANK .i'll be praying for your continuing success john
    4016 days ago
    This was a very timely blog for me, thank-you Ryan for sharing your insights. I was just sitting here telling myself to tough out lunch til after I workout - mind you its already past 1:30p. I think you're spot on about those shakes boosting your metabolism at just the right time & suspect that when folks start to fall short, should look at their plan as you're doing. I think I too do better with more meals, or even snacks but it is hard sometimes to stop whatever your doing & take that extra meal, or snack. I have no idea what muscle milk is, but like with the plyometrics - plan to look into it.

    I wish you continued success on your journey and the very best in good health too! emoticon
    4016 days ago
    Good job of figuring out what works best for you!
    I eat little "snacks" throughout the day, every few hours - almonds, fruit, etc. - and that helps me.
    Stay positive,
    4016 days ago
    What an interesting insight. I find it kind of tedious to remember to eat frequently, but when I do, I get the best results. Now when I find it tedious, I'll remember you're doing it too, and that will encourage me!

    You're the best!!
    4016 days ago
    And we're thankful to YOU for taking good care of yourself and being a good example for us!
    4016 days ago
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