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Early Bird Gets Something Right...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Good Morning!

Up early trying to get my plate cleared off so Cindy & I get try and take atleast 1 'vacation' day, yesterday turned out to be another busy work day, so we'll see.

I got up about 3:15 and I should be able to rifle through today's list within a few hours and then we are going to hit up a few greenhouses and get some new flowers to pot up, hopefully hit the pool and enjoy the afternoon.

Stay in the moment, Find the balance, Enjoy yourself....these are the messages I'm trying to absorb as I go through each busy day lately. What you think upon grows...

I'm so grateful to be making the progress I'm making, regardless of the sometimes slow pace, I've made a ton of changes that are going to stick with me as long as I stay close to my routine.

I hope everyone has a really nice Thursday, Ryan
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