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Sunday, Sunday...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good Morning!

I'm feeling overall pretty good, my spirit is high...I'm a little sore and moving slow from yesterday morning's work-out at the pool, but a good sore!

Cindy and I slept in a bit today, we are both pretty over-tired and have not been sleeping well lately...both of us getting up and down alot and that makes for a not so great night's sleep. So today after we bang a little work and do some chores, we are going to take it easy and try and rest up.

It was really nice getting to the pool yesterday morning around 9:45am, real quiet, plenty warm out and the bright sunshine...just me by myself working it out in the water, I caught myself smiling a few times...it was real nice!

Got a phone call from my younger sister Jessica later in the morning and that was also a real nice treat to catch up with her and here about what's going in her life and to just hear her voice.

I'm hoping to get over to the aquarium store later on and pick up a few new critters to start re-building my salt-water tank. For a long time I've been doing a coral reef tank and a few months back I decided to go in a different direction to change it up...so we are about mid-point in the transition...it takes awhile, everything happens really slow...kinda like losing weight, but it's worth it on both fronts. Anyway, Cindy & I decided we are going to move towards a one fish only specific style tank and we are going to eventually get a real nice Porcupine Puffer...they end up getting so comfy that they bahave like a pet, coming to to the glass for food, moving around as we move around...so just a simpler, more manageable tank for now with everything else in our lives going on and yet a cool fish w/tons of character...so maybe within the next month or so we'll be getting one of these:

Ok I hope everyone has a really nice Sunday, take good care...Ryan
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