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One Foot in Front of The Other...That's How!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

At my desk by 4:30 this morning...got my sit-ups in and I'm bangin' it out.

Nothing much going on, just coming up for air and checking in. Busy with work and balancing my new schedule. I'm a little sad that summer seems to have really blazed right by....but soon it'll be fall and that's fun too. With my new work schedule it's been really tough to break-away and get over to pool before lunch like I was for a few months...but we are adjusting and getting used to things and looking for opportunities to sneak in as many sessions at the pool as possible before the end of the season.

So it's Wednesday and in my mind sometimes lately I catch me asking myself..."How can you keep all of these balls in the air and continue moving yourself in the right direction, how can you do all of this?"

By putting one foot in front of the other...That's How!

Slow, Steady & Goofy with some Grace...

Have a great Day, Ryan
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