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My "Shadow" Inspires Me!!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello Sparkies~~~

I tend to do my walk/jogs on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday mornings.....here in Texas it is just way too hot to do them after work......

So, I find myself jogging with my IPOD and sweating profusely, and then started doing the negative self talk....I should just walk instead of jog.....then when I looked down, I saw this shadow....and let me tell you, this shadow looked awesome!!

As I continue to look at my shadow (while continuing the jog) I just really loved what I saw. Obviously the shadow was leaner and everything wasn't jiggling around.....and the shadow just looked STRONG....and I continued to tell myself that if I continued moving forward on this journey....I could eventually get that shadow to actually be the real deal Holyfield.

I'm loving the way my wedding ring is just sliding up and down to my knuckle as I continue to sweat in the morning sun. Watching this youthful looking shadow that stuck with me....everywhere I went kept inspiring me to push myself!!! I love feeling the back of my legs (under my bum bum) tighten as I push up the little hills that I faced throughout the walk/jog!!

I honestly can't wait for the heat to turn down....so I can get back out there after work.....the elliptical is great (don't get me wrong), but there is a stronger fulfillment after those runs with my shadow!!!

Have you seen your shadow?

Hugs and Smiles,

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