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aw heck.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sooo I didn't really do too well at my goals this week.

The weekend was off the rails, I was out and about to the bejesus and it all got a bit KERRRRAZY!

Friday night I went to my sister in law's birthday dinner at The Court Wine Bar, which is a local gay bar, total local institution. Come to think of it, the Court is the only gay bar in town, though there's a nightclub...anyway I digress. I drank 2 vodka redbulls and 2 'fruit tingle' cocktails, ate some thin crust pizza...bad plan. Boooze! It's so frickin fattening, right?? Shessh!

Saturday morning, work as usual until 1, then raced home to get ready for 15 chicks to descend for an underwear party at 3. I made bocconcini and cherry tomatoes on toothpicks, drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper and fresh basil and a garlic and herb dip - cream cheese, garlic, shallots and fresh herbs, whizzed in the thermomix for a few seconds, delishusss! Though I didn't mung on much snackage I was tooo bussssyyyy drinkiiiiin - hurrah for champs! I LOVE IT. I drinked many glasses.

After the underwear was put away and the orders were in, the boys came back from their banishment to the local. Gray's friend Brenton split with his wife a few weeks back and has been hitting the boooze which frankly is not really his freidn (is it anyone's, really?) so he was behaving like a fool, kids, trying to put his hand up my friend Sally's skirt and whatnot. Shame, cos he's really a lovely guy when sober, he's just the most obnoxious drunk I've ever had the misfortune to meet - and heck, I've met some drunken losers in my time, lemme tellja!

Then it was time for stage to of Sat night! Some folks headed elsewhere and Gray, Brenton (the drunken fool) all headed off in a cab to a birthday party in Butt F*ck Idaho (which is how Del and I refer to anywhere far, apols to any Idahoans reading!).

Long term readers may remember that Gray and I had some hard times in Albany over a year ago, when all turned against us and tried to get us to break up, leading to us bailing the town and moving to Perth.

Well many of the progtagonists in that tiresome little drama were at the party and to my shock and surprise I just fell to pieces immediately. I said a friendly hello to all and then locked myself in the bathroom where I cried for an hour. Shame! The girl crying at the party, you know how there's always one, but it's never ME and I'm always very scathing of people who can't keep their sh*t together in public, so it's my karmic punishment for being less compassionate than I should. I did keep it in the bathroom tho for the most part, wasn't the one who sits in the middle of the party sobbing to get as much attention out of it as possible, but still. Once I pulled myself together I was fine and dandy and had a great time....

There was one weird thing that happened though! As we were leaving, I was looking for Gray and this random says to me 'oh I say your boyfriend go into the bedroom with this couple, I think they're having sex'. OMG, CAN YOU IMAGINE!! I was totally freaked out, my heart's pounding and I go and open the door to this room and it's a couple banging, for sure (eew), but my Gray's not in there. I shut the door again quicksmart and went back and asked her why she'd said that and she goes 'oh I thought it would be funny for you to walk in on them!'. I won't repeat what I said to her but suffice to say, it was somewhat unfriendly - I don't normally bite at people like that, I pride myself on my composure but seriously! What a cow.

On Sunday Gray was hungover again, 2 weeks in a row, so annoying! Bluddy Brenton needing a drinking buddy, so inconvenient, but you gotta be there for your mates or what kinda mate are you. So I get it, but DAMN! I hadda put in the whole vegie garden by my ownsome!!

I did it though so now we got a myriad of tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroots in the ground and vietnamese mint, thai basil, greek basil and italian parsley in planters and it's so exciting!

Then I went to my mum and dad's for roast beef as my sister Chloe arrived from Sydney and hung out with them, which is always awesome fun.

So I didn't do any exercise all weekend and haven't tracked the weekend yet cos it's hard when it's been so random, you know? I don't think I would be way over for food but the booze woulda done me in, fer sher. I'll do it tamorra.

My cross trainer still isn't plugged in since I moved it to a different spot last week so I will get that sorted tonight and then get back into it tomorrow morning.

Here's to a good week!

1. Tracking and staying in range
2. 3 x cardio 3 x strength

Loves xxx
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  • no profile photo CD6721736
    i can't believe that lady would say something like that to you...some people are so rude....and don't let those other people make you cry! you are worth wayyyy more then that!! and besides you guys are stil togather so it just shows them!
    3846 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6096849
    Your life sounds super crazy and very hectic but I totally always look forward to reading your blogs and find your adventures quite amusing. And you're right, what kind of buddy are you when you aren't there to be a sloppy drunken mess with your friends. But seriously, this guy was totally out of line trying to molest your friend. And no worries about being the crying girl at the party. I've been her a time or two. We've all been there. One weekend off won't do you in. We still have three more days til a new weekend that can be healthy and active, rock it baby!
    3852 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/19/2010 11:10:18 PM
    sometimes life happens, sounds like a heck of a weekend ;) i know you will have a productive week, hope the new workout spot works for ya!!
    3852 days ago
    Well sounds like an eventful weekend if nothing else, at least you can say you're not boring!! Haha I know what you mean about the girl crying at the party thing, I gave up drinking because when I drank alcohol I was always that girl and it's just embarrassing... At least you got some exercise in gardening!

    3852 days ago
    What a fun weekend! I also didn't do too great, especially in the drinking department...oops. Here's to a nutritionally better week!
    3852 days ago
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