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Singin' My Own Song on Saturday Morning....

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Good Morning & Happy Saturday!

What a beautiful crisp morning. I got enjoy a really nice session of 'car singing' by myself this morning after getting dropped off to pick my truck from the mechanic(yearly winterizing)...anyway, it was just so nice to be myself, skinny latte in hand, heat cranked with the windows down and singing seventies tunes right along with the radio.....simple stuff, but really fulfilling.

I'm doing good, hanging in there steady eddy...looking to continue adding more scheduled exercise into my day-to-day. Realistically it's going to be pretty hap-hazard all the way through the end of the year with both jobs and the holiday shopping season is completely crazy for our retail business. So it is what it is, I have talked with my trainer about re-establishinga more frequent workout schedule with her...looking to have atleast 2-3 fixed sessions together each week. Hopefully between our two busy schedules we can hammer something out.

Did another interview/update with the local news yesterday and that went really well, just keepin' it real - where things have been at for me over the last several months, gaining 15 pounds since summer - but maintaining stable the last 2 months and just overall where my head is at with all of that and my long haul plan and how it really looks to be a work-in-progress and handling life as it unfolds. Bottomline, I feel great - I'm super committed to continue working toward my goals and at the same time accepting of myself and loving myself for who I am, exactly where I am. Adjusting to working 2 full time jobs is overwhelming no doubt, and seeing that something had to give...if even for a little bit, has been hard....but that is the life is. You gotta roll with it and stay loose and no matter what... try to enjoy yourself, be happy and love the people in your life.

Just checking in, hopefully everyone out there is rockin' out to their own beat and keeping it real. Enjoy a Smooth Saturday! Ryan
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